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Good Morning Everyone
Posted On 11/03/2020 06:55:46 by Coletracer

Gosh, the chill is in the air. The sun is up and its rays are lighting up different areas around my house. My desk is in my back of the house sunroom and I love working out here where I have windows all around me (three sides)There's a pond straight ahead, a pasture for the horses to my left, and a courtyard filled with flowers and a few trees to my right. Unfortunately this time of year only a rose bush still has flowers bloomed. the redbud tree has gone into its winter nap but the evergreens still stand sentry at the corners of my garage. The wooden borders along the stone walk need replacing but I think the half-rotted look gives it charm.Out front of me in the yard before the pond is two lone trees with a bird feeding dish in one and a small bench between them. Ever so often a fish jumps or during certain times of the year, a gator will lazily drift around looking for food. I love it when the ducks fly in. They are fun to watch. Diving and fluttering their wings. Barely to the left is another bird feeder the red birds enjoy but lately, I've had a flock of sparrows come in. The horses ramble about the pasture and the colt runs and plays. I love my place and all my critters.
Woops, time to go! Horses need feeding and letting out. Be sure to go vote!

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11/10/2020 15:00:51

Thank you for sharing such mental candy.  I could feel myself relaxing and taking in all the sounds and smells.  Your words are wonderful and paint a delicate picture and wet my mental appetitie for more.  Do you have pictues of this magical place.  I half expect a unicorn to be found running with the horses.  Loved the experience.

11/04/2020 05:09:09

Sounds delightful.

11/03/2020 22:22:40

I enjoyed your word picture from your desk. It souends so lovely, including the large and small items in your view. My desk has become much smaller over the years, and I have learned why the newer computers are called laptops... they fit comfortably on a lap. I also enjoy the view from my chair and laptop... the vista of our evalley, the 'rural' visitors on our patio and the birdfeeders. There are no horses in our area, and I would enjoy them too. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.

11/03/2020 10:14:21

Cara_ wrote:

Sounds wonderful as I Visualise. 

Thank you, it is!

11/03/2020 09:57:22

Sounds wonderful as I Visualise. 

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