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First Kiss
Posted On 01/13/2021 23:11:04 by azjudy

The following story was a childhood memory that I embellished for a creative writing class.  I hope you enjoy it.

First Kiss

Ten year old Judy was happy to be outside after being in the house all day trying to remain cool. The evaporative or swamp coolers were practically useless during the hot triple digit days.   Television could get boring after a while and she was bored big time watching her mama bustling around with an infant in her arms and three brats under ten watching the boob tube..  She was always delighted when the oppressive desert heat of the day would give way to cooler evenings and children seem to suddenly bring the quiet yards to life at six thirty every evening.

Judy joined the group of children ranging from 6-10 in a game of “Kick the Can.”  Fourteen year old Jack sat on the tiny concrete slab that was supposed to be a porch, watching Judy  He was her secret protector and only Judy mother knew that Jack had appointed himself to watch over her.  One of the younger kids was “it” and the game had begun with the count. Judy ran to hide at the edge of a huge yard where there were some oleander bushes and crept to the shadows.   She felt rather pleased with herself, she remained still for what seem an eternity.  Finally she thought it had been long enough so she peeked out.  No one was there. It was as quiet as it had been during the heat of the day.  Where was everyone? She began to get scared so with a sinking feeling of loneliness, and a little despair, she turned around to go home across the desolate yard..

As she  walked across that long, long yard she saw a shadow and with her heart in her mouth, she let out a loud gasp. As if by magic, it was her friend and secret protector.  He looked so serious when he told her everyone went in for the night and she had better go too. Judy was the oldest sibling so was more used to barking orders than taking them. She looked at him and said that he  didn’t tell her what to do.  Jack knew Judy’ personality well. She had to be in control but she absolutely had to go home.  It was dangerous to be out that late in a crime and gang ridden neighborhood.  Jack looked at that little stubborn face and put his arms around her. She looked up at his face as he looked into her deep blue eyes and then his lips came down on hers.  The adult kiss terrified her. Judy pulled way with frightened eyes and ran as fast as her tiny feet could move.  Jack just stood there with a half smile.  He was satisfied as he watched her opened her door and disappeared into the house. Mission accomplished.


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01/14/2021 03:00:17

Barb, Thanks for liking it.  No no repeated performances but I did develop a serious crush on him until years later whenI saw him walking with whom I assumed was his wife and little boy.  We moved out of the housing projects a short while later but I often wonder too over the years. 

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