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To Hell and Back
Posted On 02/22/2021 08:38:03 by texasjane
I have been through hell and back...  guess what..?  Hell froze over.  I lost power.

I got me and all the critters under all the blankets I could find.  I did not freeze because of the animals laying on me.  I did however go into a coma because of the lack of oxygen.  I was very close to death.  I finally got home, still no power, no heat, no oxygen.  I got back under the covers.  Was there for about 30 minutes.  Suddenly, the covers came off.  Power was restored, the police were there with a space heater and an electric blanket.  They went to work trying to fix my central heater.  They got it running a little.  It took the rest of the night but it finally got above freezing in the house.  I had not eaten or had anything to drink for days.  Even at the emergency shelter, where they took me, I could not keep anything on my stomach.  I really thought I was dying.  I felt like I was slipping away.  Then someone slapped me really hard.  It burned and I opened my eyes.  It was a big nurse.  She grinned, "We got her back."  She shouted very loud.  She has no idea how close she came to getting hit back.  I had the fist made.  I think I came back because it made me angry.  

I was saved.  My babies were saved.  Someone brought me coffee and two sausage egg sandwiches.  I did not ask my stomach if it wanted them or not.  I ate them and dared my stomach to give them back.  They stayed down.  I did cough up a lot of mucus.

Send out prayers for those who have lost family members.  Offer to help someone.  There is no need for venom.  I saw more acts of kindness the last few days than you can ever imagine.  No one asked what color anyone was, or what political opinion they had.  It was "Can I help you?"  "What do you need."  "Here, lean on me... I'll get you out."  Old men with tractors pulling out young men with families trying to get to shelters.  Crockpots going with all sorts of soups to be passed out.  I instantly contributed the chicken in my freezer along with anything else they might like.

People helping people.  That is what America is about.  We are all equal.  We are all uniquely different but equal in value.  Not one flower is more important than another.  If we love our neighbor as ourselves...   we have peace.

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02/25/2021 18:34:57

Jane were you on a list to check on if the power went out? I am just glad you and your pets got help. You must have been bad, and maybe they did not have a defibrillator...so the nurse gave you a wake up call... Nice to hear people came together, and not riot. Stores giving away food. I hear they make smaller solar generators portable, now. I have a big one. I hope I never have to use it. But, being in a Hurricane state, you never know. Please, take care of yourself, and your fur babies~ Sending prayers your way. Hugs, Nancy

02/25/2021 08:14:00

I know what you mean about the big chill Jane. I developed a lot more respect about how much heat a 50 pound dog can generate. I think my dog liked me as a 180 pound space heater also! I know my woodpile out back is a whole lot smaller and I learned that if you are cold enough you can build a fire in record time.

Take care.


02/22/2021 21:02:29

OH My goodness ME..... WHAT an experience you've been through, my dear!  Heaven help me but I was glued to your post all the way through, and then on down to the comment section here.... I AM SO GLAD YOU SURVIVED!!  I know that when people pull together, become like-minded and KIND ...... there is nothing quite like it.  Nothing in the whole world, as KINDNESS.... I'm so glad you were brought back by that slap-happy nurse! (big hugs in abundance) .... take care, won't you?! xo

02/22/2021 15:26:48

Please forgive the mistakes in this blog.  I don't want to re-write it because it allows everyone to see what happens to the mind of someone who is on oxygen therapy to suddenly be without it.  You have to think through fog and broken thoughts.  When the police came by to check on me they found me unconsious under the blanket with my critters.  They took all of us to a shelter where I got the help I needed.  After word went out that power had been restored, my brood and I were taken home again.  No one checked to see if the power was on at my house.  It was not.  I was under the blankets for about 30 minutes when the police showed back up.  I think I am extremely lucky and blessed.  I suvived with just a little frost bite on my finger tips.  It makes it a little painful to type but I can point to anything...  I could see throughout my neigborhood were homes with generators had opened their doors for the neighbors who did not have them.  I am so glad I saw the kindness in others...  That is exactly what I was looking for too.  Count your blessings every day and they multiply.  Yeah!!

02/22/2021 14:11:16

Finally... a word or two from you! So happy to read that you have survived another episode. We've been hearing about the weather in the South... we've had some of the weather too but haven't lost power and other necessities. It just keeps us at home... with a thankful heart that we don't need to go out. 
The Part 2 of my blog may arrive before the weekend... or perhaps even today. Stay tuned!

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