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The Face of Sisterhood
Posted On 04/17/2022 15:26:23 by yourchoice

It was 1958 when a group of almost one hundred young girls, most having just completed high school, met for the first time. It was the beginning of a three-year adventure… living and working together. They often socialized together, shared some tears together, and enjoyed daily fun times. In 1961, they graduated as Registered Nurses, and the ‘Sisterhood’ was well established.

Many moved to far and near destinations, some to further their education, some to new employment opportunities, and some were finally able to marry their love of their life. The tradition of celebrating a Homecoming Reunion every five years with the ‘Sisterhood’ became an event that was anticipated. Letters were written in cursive handwriting to stay connected, giving updates of life and family, and shared with other classmates. A weekend of activities, starting with the Homecoming (Alumnae) Banquet at the Palliser Hotel, followed by a Coffee Party in the Sunken Lounge of the Residence and a tour of the hospital on Saturday morning. It was the first weekend Reunion and the first class dinner for them, including husbands and boyfriends, held at Nag Way Inn that started the class tradition, to keep the ‘Sisterhood’ alive and growing.

On the 20th Year Reunion (1981), the weekend activities were in the Colonial Room at the Residence. For the 25th Reunion (1986), local and travelling classmates reserved rooms at the Sun Bow Inn in Motel Village, and a silver engraved letter opener was given as a memento of our 25 year anniversary. On the 30th Reunion (1991), the class members travelled to Kananaskis Country in the Rocky Mountains for the weekend, when stories shared and tears were shed, in the great outdoors and comfortable lounges. In 1996, the ‘Sisterhood’ agreed to organize the Homecoming Banquet, and in 2007, they hosted the Banquet. It was a great way to ‘return the favors’! They also enjoyed the weekend retreat in Kananaskis in 1996 and 2001. By that time, they discovered that they couldn’t even remember how to fold their caps. Times had changed.

The class officially became the ‘Golden Nuggets’ (50th Anniversary) in 2011, lovingly referred to as the ‘Rusty Nuggets’ by Myrna, the classmate with the sharp wit. It was celebrated with a weekend in the mountains and a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ in the town of Canmore. When the 55th Anniversary arrived, a conducted tour of the rapidly-growing city was arranged for attending classmates. A bus ride was more appropriate than a hike in the mountains. The 60th Anniversary was cancelled, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, so this year they are planning a 61+ celebration in May, 2022. No entertainment… just a time to treasure the three things that they all have in common… talking, eating and sleeping! All of them are almost ‘Over the Hill’ at 80+ years.

I’m one of them!

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04/18/2022 22:54:10

nightfall wrote:

Awesome to keep the reunions going. I bet there will be a lot of stories to share.

I'm starting get stories now... from those who are not able to attend. The website seems to be working and a great way for us to stay connected. Thanks for taking the time to read my long blog. It seems that I've earned the Blogger name of 'Talking Fingers'!

04/18/2022 22:50:45

momtocam wrote:

So glad a new reunion is in the works-:)

The lifelong friendships are a treasure, and we don't want to waste them. There is a lot of anticipation, hoping the the rules for public gatherings are upgraded again. 

04/18/2022 20:26:00

So glad a new reunion is in the works-:)

04/18/2022 04:38:26

Awesome to keep the reunions going. I bet there will be a lot of stories to share.

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