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It’s All About the 3C’s …
Posted On 02/22/2023 19:51:16 by yourchoice

Many thanks to the host of friends who have kept in touch with me the last several months, even though I have been unusually silent. There must be some reason for my absence, so I’ve instructed my  ‘talking fingers’ to take a few minutes to ‘set the record straight’! The title of this may give you some clue … or maybe not!

One of the C’s is definitely NOT Covid, or Complaints or Chemicals. Both husband and I are doing well but not perfect. We are thankful to be able to remain in our country home, still drive our vehicles, and have access to necessary medications.

If you are heard about my favorite location in our home, you may think that the 3 C’s are Computer, Chair and Chocolate. That’s not a bad idea, especially today when the outdoor temperature is freezing cold and the snow is a foot deep. I’m parked in my chair on the warm side of the glass, and still enjoying the view of our valley, even when it is all white with snow or bright green when spring has arrived.

The 3 C’s were introduced to me via an invitation from a neighbor, to attend a Senior’s Group in our neighborhood. I wasn’t very interested because I had enough activity to keep me busy, but decided to attend at least one time. I was surprised to recognize the names of several ladies who I knew years ago, when our kids were in school. There were several others who introduced themselves to me, asking if I was the mother of the real estate agent working in the area. The group meets every week for three hours to enjoy a coffee, have a chat with a new or old friend, and learn and share a craft hobby. The first two got my attention but being that my hobby was photography, I wouldn’t be able to pack it up every week for the ‘show and tell’ session. It was my friend that reminded me that I did a lot of hand crafts when our children were young. I learned to knit from a co-worker in my first job as a registered nurse in a 19-bed hospital. She started me on a project to knit a baby shawl, even though I was not even dating at the time, but I did eventually wrap our newborn son in it two years later. I also had learned to crochet and made many items, from doilies, to sweaters, to afghans. But times changed … our empty nest, the new computer passion and my home-based business were new priorities.

As for the 3 C’s, you may think you have figured it out by now… but I have one more clue. In visiting Pinterest online to gather ideas for crochet, download free instructions, and admire the creativity of others, I learned two design ideas that I hadn’t heard. I knew about the ‘granny square’ blankets that were very popular many years ago, but didn’t know how to create a ‘granny rectangle’. I also hadn’t heard of a ‘corner-to-corner’ method of creating crocheted blankets and throws.  Here are two photos to show what I learned. I have completed about ten projects and still at it and my computer time has been drastically cut. My eyes are quite happy!!!

When I figure out how to include the photos here, I'll be back. I did know how to do it once, but not this time. Ahh... yet another reminder of hints of a 'senior' mind!

My 3 C’s are Crochet… Chair… and Computer

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02/23/2023 04:55:10

That's wonderful you found some old friends. Nice to hear from you.

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