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Questions about Cloudeight Direct Computer Care? Click Here to Contact us

Have Cloudeight Direct Connect to your Computer to fix problems or optimize your system! You never have to leave your home!  Service available World Wide!

We've been helping people with their computers for over a decade. We'll connect directly (and securely) to your Windows computer and help you with your computer problems, set up email accounts, install software, remove clutter, switch out your security programs for more efficiency, optimize your Windows system, and help you solve your computer problems, personally. When we connect directly to your computer - with your permission - you'll be able to watch as we work.

We have hundreds of customer testimonials attesting to our service. We treat your computer as if it were our own. We make sure you're happy with the service you receive so you'll tell your friends and family members about us!  Click here for details. OR see below if we have current specials.



Weekend Specials Windows 8 or Windows XP customization

Want to continue using XP and keep your XP safe for another year after support ends in April? This is a limited time special we are offering with our Cloudeight Direct Computer Care. Click here for details

Going to Windows 8 instead? We will setup an email program, start button, and more! We will even optimize your computer, make the necessary changes so that your Windows 8 / 8.1 computer is easy and fun for you to use When we're done you'll have a computer that you will be comfortable with.Click here for details.


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