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Getting Started:  A Guide to New Members

Welcome to NotOverTheHill Community Website! The very first step is to explore! Click links shown in your top menus, see where they lead. You cannot "hurt" anything by exploring or adding things, uploading, reading, or browsing pages and profiles. You are welcome to every area on the site .. no place is off limits to you! Feel free to join any groups, post any messages on the forum, visit any members page, ask anyone to be your friend who seems interesting, help others, welcome others.. you name, you can do it!

It can seem overwhelming at first, but ask anyone who has been here for more then a few days and they will tell you how quickly they catch on. You may not learn it all in a few days, but you will learn enough to be comfortable and start calling it your 2nd home!

Below are some key Tips that will help you get started

Getting some help and learning your way around:

  • If you have a question, stop by the forum and ask. To do this click FORUM in the top menu of every page, then click NotOverTheHill Account Help, then "Post Topic". Before posting a topic, you may want read some of the other questions that have been asked; chances are someone else already inquired. Also, check out the TIPS section of the forum for general help in a number of areas.
  • Visit the HOME page each day. News, updates and tips are posted here each day by staff. You will find this a valuable resource. You can find the HOME page easily by clicking HOME in the top menu seen on each page.
  • Check out the other people who are members. There are lots of ways to do this! The easiest is to click BROWSE from the top menu of each page and you can view all members. Click the member picture/name and you can view their profile page and learn a little about them. If they look like someone you would like to be friends with, click the button under their picture called "Add to Friends". This sends a request to that person asking if they will be your friend. They will then look at your profile page (click My Account, My Page to see yours) and accept or deny. You will get some friend requests too, so you can do the same!
  • Explore the GROUPS section and if you see a group that is of interest to you, join it!

Setting up your page:

  • Click My Account, Settings. Here is the area you add information or make the following change: 1) Account Settings such as your password, email address and other account information, 2) Profile Settings such as listing what your likes and dislikes are, music, hobbies, favorite color and other personal things you want to share with those that view your page, 3) Add or change your picture, and 4) Design your page by picking your own colors and background so it is decorated to your taste!
  • Anything you do here can be undone, so don't be afraid to play around here!

Upload music, pictures, create blogs and more:

  • Click My Account, then click Submit items. You can upload Pictures, Videos or music, create blogs or polls, and more! A great area to explore

These are the basics to get you started, so go on have some Fun!!



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