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mem_normal OFFLINE
68 years old
Southern Ontario

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Christian - other
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This is a challenge. There are very few movies out there that don't have bad language, violence and laced with sex. I like watching T.V. shows on cooking and house renovations. There are also some reality shows that hubby and I enjoy.
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Summer Page photo Girlanddogbywater.gif

 photo LAZY20DAYS20OF20SUMMER20-20camping.jpg

 photo LAZY20DAYS20OF20SUMMER20-2020flowers20and20cats.jpg

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 photo LAZY DAYS OF SUMMER - cottage.jpg

I'd like to be sitting in this chair looking out at the lake. Want to join me?

There are lots of outdoor music concerts in the summer. So nice to just take your chair to a park and sit and listen to music. Music has always been a part of my life. I come from quite a musical family. I play the organ. Music brings great joy and healing to me. It makes me happy and also soothes me when I'm going through something difficult. I love most any type of music with the exception of rap and jazz
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Gone are the days of the pump organ. Our kids already think we lived in the dark ages - guess would their thoughts would be if they heard we didn't even have air-conditioning

The Bible is my favorite book to read and study (all year long). It really is my roadmap for life. I enjoy light romance novels where I don't have to think too much; and anything to do with the Royal family
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[b]Firstly, I love the colours of Summer. They are vibrant and varied. This is the reason I have made this page so colourful. If I had to choose one colour that isn't my favourite, it would be grey./b]
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 photo COLOURS - flower arbor resized.jpg

 photo Colours - cat and plant resized.jpg

Why is it that some people live to eat, while others eat to live. I'm afraid I'm in the first category. There is very little that I don't like. I love just picking something fresh out of my garden to have for my meals. At this time of the year hubby and I eat lots of salads. Eating our meals out on the deck makes the food taste so much better
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As a kid,I remember being taken to the soda fountain in the summer as a special treat. It really was a treat. They don't make sodas like that now

 photo FOOD - berries.jpg

 photo 19961d6f-bc1a-4a2c-ade7-6b3e3ead493c.jpg

 photo FOOD - country kitchen resized.jpg

 photo FOOD - Aamp W resized.jpg

 photo FOOD - girls and bakery resized.jpg

 photo Yes - food - farmers market.jpg

If you're like me, you enjoy all the fruit and vegetable stands at this time of year

Page photo Page-Lizsmaller.jpg Lizzyann and I became online friends soon after I joined the HILL. Even though we live a couple of hours away from each other, we know some of the same people. Isn't it a small world?I treasure her friendship and willingness to be my contact person.

This is my main identity. God is #1 in my life. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 40 years and God bless us with two sons. Both are married with families of their own. They have given us four grandchildren that bring much joy and love into our lives
 photo ABOUT ME - the fact that Im a woman resized.jpg

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 photo ABOUT ME - being a Gramma resized.jpg

 photo Pink ribbon 2.jpgOn June 11 I celebrated 19 years as a breast cancer survivor. I truly thank God for every day

I love the wind. Flowers are something else that I enjoy very much. I love to laugh and enjoy the times I spend with family and friends. I enjoy eating outside on our deck in the nice weather and picnics. I like animals (especially dogs); watching birds out my kitchen window; and playing with my grandchildren. I like hugs and people who are real
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 photo WHAT I LIKE - hollyhocks resized.jpg

 photo WHAT I LIKE - bluebirds and nest resized.jpg

 photo LIKE - girl with cats and flowerresized.jpg

 photo ee3e1985-7385-4b6f-b93b-6e7b83582985.jpg

 photo COLOURS - hummingbirds and purple flowers resized.jpg

 photo a7f85d33-ce22-4d86-a70e-567770b20e7a.jpg

Yes photo ValDay-Glitteryroseswithblackbackgr.gif

I don't like foul language and people being unkind to people,animals and birds. I really detest foul language; especially language that uses God's name in the wrong way. I don't like gossip and I don't like seeing people constantly on cell phones or texting
 photo WHAT20I20DONT20LIKE20-20bear20in20campsite20resized.jpg

 photo WHAT I DONT LIKE - cat drinking out of glass resized.jpg

I love animals, but I'm not impressed when I see them on kitchen counters

 photo WHAT I DONT LIKE - squirell with golf ball resized.jpg

 photo WHAT I DONT LIKE - rabbit in cabbage resized.png

 photo WHAT I DONT LIKE - bored girl.jpg

I think we all remember our kids saying this - sometimes after they had been on vacation for only days

I like most crafts. I enjoy gardening, crochetting and knitting. I have made quite a few teddy bears out of old fur coats. I also enjoy decorating cakes; and as mentioned before, I play the organ. During the summer my main hobby is gardening
 photo HOBBIES - garden 
 photo SUMMER FUN - boys swimming.jpg

 photo SUMMER FUN - boat with Canadian flag resized.jpg

 photo 1d72343a-8346-4efb-9a9c-77f2708ef88f.jpg

I enjoy country fairs in the summer

 photo SUMMER FAIR resized.jpg

 photo SUMMER FAIR - ladies getting their baking judged resized.jpg

 photo 384f61e1-7cdf-4fa5-b1f2-9df56a3e24c2.jpg

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 photo 5b80b358-a860-44d5-b509-b87277556481.jpg

 photo 51c6d883-576d-4ee5-b3d4-77c6f3f462a2.jpg

There is nothing like a summer hike and cooking your supper over an open fire

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 photo SUMMER FUN - boy on tire swing_jpg.png

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08/19/2017 09:22:35

Good morning Sue:

Sorry I haven't been around much but thought that today would be a good day to drop by.
Nothing planned for today, but a couple of things have run through my mind that we should do.
How are things in your area.  Getting all this rain lately.  Everything is so green and lush.  Hope we get sun soon to dry things out.
I have been trying to get some crocheting done for a bedspread, but not having much
luck getting a pattern to work out for me.
Going to be great grandparents again in a couple of weeks or so.  A little girl this time.  Kind of takes the fun out of it knowing in advance.
A new Costco store opened in Orillia, so that is much closer and easier to get to, for us, than the Barrie one.  Can you imagine, it is 10,000 square feet bigger than the Barrie one.  Takes forever to get around it.  Have been there twice now.  
Not much else to report, so will go and do a little more crocheting before Ron comes in for his lunch.
Hope things are going well in your area and you are enjoying the summer.

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