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70 years old
Southern Ontario

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Christian - other
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I like nice romance movies that don't have a lot of violence, nasty language and sex. There aren't many movies being made these days that fit that bill I'm afraid.
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One of my favorite all-time movies is still Bambi

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Music makes your heart lighter. I enjoy the old hymns of the church and contemporary music. I'm not fond of jazz or definitely not rap.
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Kind words are like music to another person's ears

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The Bible is my favorite book to read and study (all year long). It really is my roadmap for life. I enjoy light romance novels where I don't have to think too much; and anything to do with the British Royal family.
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Summer is full of color. Just look at the different colors of green in the trees; not to mention the colors of the flowers in summer. I love most colors, but think red and blue are two of my favourites. Grey is my least favourite.
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Summer is a time for BBQ'ing and I love a good hamburger, chicken or steak cooked that way. No matter the season, I still love a good roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. I enjoy going out for Chinese food every once-in-awhile. If I had to chose one food that I just can't make myself like, it's parsnips.
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I had to put this picture on my summer page. I remember the treat of getting pop/soda out of a machine like this. The bottles were in ice cold water, which made the drink so satisfying on a hot day

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Who doesn't enjoy going to the Farmer's Market in the summer?

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My Dad had a good size raspberry patch in his garden. I loved the taste of them; but boy, did I ever hate picking them

Page photo Page-Lizsmaller.jpg Lizzyann and I became online friends soon after I joined the HILL. Even though we live a couple of hours away from each other, we know some of the same people. Isn't it a small world?I treasure her online friendship and willingness to be my contact person.

My main identity is that God is #1 in my life. He is my Lord and Savior and I try (with His help) to live a life that is pleasing to Him. I'm sure not perfect (ask my family and friends); just a real person who is on life's journey with God's help.
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I am so blessed to have been married to the love of my life for 42 years. We don't just love each other, we like each other. We have two grown sons and two wonderful daughters-in-law that we're very thankful for and proud of.
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God has blessed us with four grandchildren. I never knew the love I have for them could be so full and complete
 photo oie_BaQLCXSVVmP1.jpgIn June I celebrated 21 years as a breast cancer survivor. I thank God for every day.

I love the flowers that I plant in my yard. Hubby and I like to sit on our deck and just relax. The flowers and trees in our yard makes it look like a little park. I LOVE the wind. I enjoy watching the birds in my backyard having their babies and looking after them. I love to laugh and we around people who are positive and love life the way I do. I LOVE my husband more than words can express; also my two sons and their families. I like real people who don't wear masks.
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When I was young our family vacation was camping. My memory still takes me back to those times when we roasted marshmallows by the bonfire. It was such a carefree time
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I love summer picnics and drives out in the country

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There is nothing quite like the smell of laundry when you've taken it off the line in summer
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Do you remember the carefree days of summer? Not a care in the world!

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I don't like it when I hear about people and animals being mistreated. I detest foul language - especially when God's name is used in the wrong way. I don't like gossip and seeing people constantly on cell phones.
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I like wearing sandals

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My main hobby at this time of the year is looking after my flowers and vegetable garden. I also enjoy crocheting, decorating cakes, reading and playing the organ.
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07/16/2019 13:33:07

This pup looks comfy taking a nap in his wheelbarrow. He wouldn't be comfortable HERE today doing that, however. More of the same....hot, humid, hazy. Oh, and let's not forget suffocating, stifling, and stuffy. Thankful all I need to do outside later is water my thirsty potted plants on the porches and steps. I've got supper in the crock pot, so no oven today. How is your day going and how is the weather at your house? I think most of us are melting, aren't we? After all, it IS July! Keep cool and enjoy the day.

Sunny smiles~


07/16/2019 09:00:17

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Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

Thought i stop by before i leave for work.

Its going to be a very hot day today and for the rest of the week.

They are saying in the 100s and over with humidety.

Im going to take my time and not over doing it at work.

I hope all is well will you and ill see you this weekend. God bless u. :-)

07/16/2019 06:55:02


Good morning Graphics

07/14/2019 18:59:16

Just dropping by to say Hello and I hope the week ahead goes well for you.  Hugs and Blessings. Eileen

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