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74 years old
Southern Ontario

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Christian - other
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I enjoy light romance movies; or any that aren't filled with nasty language. Going to the theatre is almost a thing of the past - most of the movies they make these days don't interest me enough to spend the money they ask.

~M E M O R I E S~

resized - girl in puddle of water

This pictures reminds me of when my boys were little. They used to wear boots like this and always find the puddles

resized - little girl dreaming of her wedding

I used to always dream of when I would be a bride. I'd put something on my head and march around the house to the record my Dad had of the wedding march

resized - lilacs

I love the smell of lilacs. My Dad had a lilac tree. Every time I see lilacs I think about him

resized - spring blossoms, flowers and mountains

resized - blossom trees

This painting reminds me of where we used to live in B.C., Canada. The streets were lined with gorgeous blossom trees in the spring. It was beautiful!

I used to pick bouquets of these for my Mom

I have to say the the old hymns of the church are my favorites; but I also enjoy the music from the 60's and 70's.

resized - a kind word is like a spring day

Animated - bird and blossomsunnamed

The birds make sweet music in the Spring

I'm not an avid reader like some of you. The Bible is my favorite book to read. I enjoy light romance books and magazines about the British Royal Family

resized - family reading Bible

Old lady reading Bible


I love the colors of Spring when everything is coming back to life. Everything from the new leaves on the trees to the beautiful display of colors in the Spring flowers

resized - cats napping

resized - tulips and stormy sky

resized - robin singing on fence

That's a hard one! There is very little that I don't like. I do love a roast beef dinner with all the vegetables cooked around it.


 photo wags1.png wags1 is my contact person. We've been online friends on the HILL for some time

What you see if what you get - I'm a real person. My main identity is that I'm a follower of Jesus. He is #1 in my life.

resized - this is what real love looks like

I can't say I'm a real person without honestly sharing why my main identity is found in what Jesus has done for me (this world). I'm sure not perfect; I make lots of mistakes; I mess up BUT my focus is on the One I love (not only at Easter but all year long).

Resized - the secret to a happy life



I have been married to the love of my life for almost 47 years and I am blessed with the love that he demonstrates to me. We have two grown sons, two daughters-in- law, and four precious grandchildren.

I am a 25 year breast cancer survivor, and truly thank God for every day

I like people who are real - no masks. I love to laugh and I truly enjoy life. I LOVE the wind. I am very grateful for everything God has given me. SPRING is my favorite season. I love seeing everything come back to life again


Animated tulips

Fox having nap in grass


It won't be long until I can start hanging my clothes outside again


Mother and baby bears

Spring is a time when lots of animals are having their babies. I love this new life as well

- Mainly, I don't like God's name used in the wrong way and foul language. That saddens my heart. The Spring rains are not my favorite, even though I know they are necessary.

Animated girl under umbrella with kittens

Animated rain and bird on branch

(resized)Dandelions blowing

I like the green grass, but the dandelion seeds blowing all over the place is a bit annoying
resized - this is my home


~I don't like Spring mid~

Painting, playing the organ, crocheting and gardening are my main hobbies
resized - crafts

resized - planting shed and baby birds

reseized - man planting flowersd

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04/12/2024 19:53:41

Having lotsa fun (pants on fire) setting up
new PC after old one died Sunday. Win11 is
different, but so far we're gettin' along.
Have a great weekend, Sue! *hugs* -di

04/12/2024 09:04:20


Stopping by to wish you a good weekend my friend!
I’ll be leaving soon to go get the newest Covid vaccine-in the pouring rain.
Well, they say April showers bring May flowers, eh?!
Love Augie

04/12/2024 05:31:50


But mostly BLESSINGS from God because... 

is here!  I spent most of the morning in the backyard moving plants and reading.  


I got to see at least 4 completely different hummingbirds too.  So the first few of my 9,000 videos have been taken.  


We are supposed to have sunshine for the next few days with lots of wind but you know where I will be, so come on over.  


I am sharing a "Blessings of Peace" with you each and every day.  


04/11/2024 05:33:38


If I could only get in that position and get up again... not happening willingly.  

I might be able to do a little dance but I am afraid it would be misinterpreted as a rain dance.  

Now I know we need April showers but we had March showers first and the flower beds are full and the ground is saturated.  

I just hope the plants and bulbs don't get root rot.  After so many droughts in South Texas, we learned to always welcome the rain every time it comes along.    

Always be careful what you ask for because after 3 days of rain, we experienced 30mph winds with 40mph or higher gusts.  Today should be cool but sunny.  Blessings & "hang on to your hat" Hugs!  


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