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68 years old
Southern Ontario

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JOB: Homemaker
RELIGION: Christian - other
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There aren't that many movies out there that don't have nasty language. Hubby and I have just got Netlix and have been enjoying some of the series that it offers - i.e. Downton Abbey being one of them.
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There is nothing like going for a Sunday afternoon drive on a road like this

I love music. I grew up with the old hymns of the church and can still sing most of them from memory. I love most types of music, other than rap and jazz. I come from quite a musical family. Music brings great joy and healing to me. It makes me happy and also soothes me when I'm going through something difficult.
The sound of Canada Geese flying south brings music at this time of year

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The sounds of Fall. the crackling of that last bonfire and the geese flying south

The Bible is my favorite book to read and study (all year long). It really is my roadmap for life. I enjoy light romance novels where I don't have to think too much; and anything to do with the Royal family
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Where I live in Canada the leaves turn so many vibrant colours. It is really gorgeous to see the backdrop of splendid colours; and yet sad when you know they are going to fall off and leave the trees bare for a while. I love most colours, except grey - I find grey to be a cold and sad colour
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 photo Birds eating seeds from sunflowers - yes.jpg

It's shame that the beautiful sunflowers have to fade and die; however, they provide great food for the birds

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Fall is a time when so many foods are harvested. Who doesn't like buying produce from a vegetable stand? Growing up; the kitchen was a buzz of activity as my Mom canned all the things my Dad harvested from the garden. Our cold room became filled with her labours for the months ahead. I have followed in her footsteps to some degree. I love a roast beef dinner with all the trimmings. Can you taste that freshly baked apple pie from the apples you just picked?
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I love pumpkin pie

Page photo Page-Lizsmaller.jpg Lizzyann and I became online friends soon after I joined the HILL. Even though we live a couple of hours away from each other, we know some of the same people. Isn't it a small world?I treasure her friendship and willingness to be my contact person.

This is my main identity. God is #1 in my life. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 40 years and God bless us with two sons. Both are married with families of their own. They have given us four grandchildren that bring much joy and love into our lives
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I am learning to enjoy every season of my life

 photo Pink ribbon 2.jpgOn June 11 I celebrated 19 years as a breast cancer survivor. I truly thank God for every day

I love the wind. Flowers are something else that I enjoy very much. I love to laugh and enjoy the times I spend with family and friends. I like animals (especially dogs); watching birds out my kitchen window; and playing with my grandchildren. I like hugs and people who are real (i.e. not wearing masks). I like just being with my hubby. I like the way he makes me laugh and feel special.
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There is nothing quite like those afternoon naps in the Fall

 photo BurningLeaves.gif

I like the smell of dried leaves being burned

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I don't like foul language and people being unkind to people,animals and birds. I really detest foul language; especially language that uses God's name in the wrong way. I don't like gossip and I don't like seeing people constantly on cell phones or texting.
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I don't like that the days are getting shorter in the Fall

Virtual Pet Cat for Myspace

I like most crafts. I enjoy gardening, crochetting and knitting. I have made quite a few teddy bears out of old fur coats. I also enjoy decorating cakes; and as mentioned before, I play the organ. I enjoy gardening; so Fall is always kind of sad for me because everything has to come out.At this time of the year my hobby becomes taking everything out of the garden and raking the leaves.

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10/19/2017 09:29:34

Good morning Sue:
  Surprise, it is me.  Finally made it back to the Hill, so thought I would stop by and say hi.
  A beautiful day here and fall yard clean up is well under way.  Ron is gathering up the leaves with the lawn mower today, so that saves a lot of raking.  The flower beds are cleaned up and ready for winter.  
  Our new great grand daughter is doing well and she is cute.  Haven't seen her yet, only pictures, but guess that will come with time. 
 Really not much news here, so will go and see what I can find to do around the house. 
  Have a great day and keep well.

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