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FEATURED MEMBERS: We have had a hard time with featured members as so many have already been featured and some were complaining if they were featured too soon again, so for now, we will take a break from featured members and start it back up in a few weeks. Thanks for being a member on The Hill!

CLOUDEIGHT DIRECT CONNECT COMPUTER SERVICE - We can fix or optimize your computer any place in the world!
All work is done by TC or Darcy (Thundercloud and Eightball)

After more then a decade of helping people with their computers, we're proud to offer Cloudeight Direct Remote Computer Care.

We'll connect directly (and securely) to your Windows computer and help you with your computer problems, set up email accounts, install software, remove clutter or virus/trojans, optimize your Windows system, and help you solve your computer problems or crashes, personally.

When we connect directly to your computer - with your permission - you'll be able to watch as we work. Click here for details and pricing

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