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"As for me, I trust in YOU... I say, ' You are my God.' My times are in Your hand." Ps 31:14

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Love the "oldies". A real favorite oldie is "The Private War of Major Benson" with Charlton Heston. Love Greer Garson flicks. I like "The Shop Around the Corner" with Jimmy Stewart, like the remake of that called "In the Good Old Summertime" with Judy Garland & even enjoyed the modern "adaptation of this story idea, "You've Got Mail".

I enjoy historical movies depicting what life was like in the past.

I really enjoyed "Jane Eyre" with Timothy Dalton, & the different versions of Jane Austin movies, Pride & Prejudice, etc.

I HIGHLY recommend Sherwood Production movies: "Flywheel", "Facing the Giants" and newest "Fireproof"

LOVE to play classical, hymns, contemporary Praise & Worship.

My favorite is the Bible. It revealed to me that I had a deep need I could not fix. God did for me what I could not do for myself.

The Bible has guided my life ever since I became a Christian as a teenager. I especially love the book of Philippians.

I can highly recommend the books/video series of Beth Moore, Carolyn Custis James' book "When Life & Beliefs Collide", Max Lucado's books are always a good read.

I Love shades of Yellow & Green.

All sorts of CHOCOLATE and chicken fixed
just about ANY old way!

I LOVE fried oysters, sweet BBQ ribs, carry-in meals where you can try sooo many different dishes!

I DO LOVE FOOD!... but I also find that DAILY I am:

When you opened my page the playlist on the left under MUSIC began to play. You are welcome to enjoy those or if you choose to listen to the piano selections above here at the very top of this column, just click the "pause" button on the left side of the green player, then select one of the piano choices at the top & click play.

I call myself

because I love to Praise the Lord through music at the keyboard . I have been a church musician since my teen years & have taught piano most of my adult life.

I am an "empty-nester" & am married to the dearest man in the world who is a Pastor. I live in the beautiful state of Virginia. I have two grown sons and 4 grand-children.

I recently started collecting Vaseline Glass ~ never even knew there was such a thing until I visited the Fenton Glass Museum in West Virginia. Once I saw the glow of these beauties under the blacklight I was hooked. I now have a modest collection & if you are a vaseline glass lover you just may have bid against me on ebay! HA! If you are curious & want to learn more I invite you to click on my forum entry on the left of my page to read about "Vintage beauties with a secret life" & see examples of my collection. Thanks!

I like laughing with friends, and trying to encourage them when life makes it hard to laugh.

I love beautiful scenery!!! Maine, Colorado, & Utah are some of my favorite states.

I do love roses eventhough I can't successfully grow them. I have them all over my house: dishes, wallpaper border, tea sets, showercurtain, bouquets & NOW I have rose graphics for the computer!!!

People who are deliberately unkind to others or who put on "airs.

I'm fairly new to QUILTING.
I've made one pieced quilt (not my favorite style of quilting), One BARGELLO, a very interesting technique (the turquoise & purple as seen below)

3 Watercolors (my absolute favorite style). Here is "Midnight Sonata" below. Hummmm...now why would I do a piano?:) & my Treble clef.

I've done 1 T-shirt quilt (hated to let go of all those sweet memories ~ this one was my son's tshirts since childhood!) & I'm working on my other son's t-shirt quilt

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
[Glitterfy.com - Photo Flipbooks]
I hope to get deeper into quilting as my schedule frees up:)

I enjoy creating/arranging music on my computer notation program. This has been so helpful in working with my students & creating music for my choir at church.

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