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Pumpkin Contest Reminder!
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Oct 10 2009, 9:26 am - By ladyup1time

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Just a reminder as the time gets close to ending to the pumpkin graphics submission.

You have until midnight on the 12th to get your pumpkin graphics to Alan or myself.

The entries we have rec'd have been just great, smiles, giggles, beautiful, heartfelt graphics and all from you the members.

You've still got time to enter your pumpkin graphic, so jump on that horse and ride, find that headless horseman and a pumpkin by his side! Send it today and with any luck at all, you'll see your graphic displayed as part of the Featured Halloween pages, starting the 19nth and running through the 31rst.

Good Luck,have fun and watch for the Featured Pumpkins for when they start, they won't stop until we run out hahahaha.

Have a great weekend all, Alan and Katie

Doing it My Way Smileycons!

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