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This is me

90 years old
Truro, Cornwall
United Kingdom

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So very many. I have been a movie buff since ALWAYS. Love a good Detective movie....Definately musicals. And believe it or not...I can never ever resist watching "The Wizard of Oz" My "bestest" comedian was Danny Kaye

Classical....But in particular Opera. Preferring Italian and French to the "heavier" German operas.
Fav. instrument is the Violin .
I played a pretty good gramaphone myself in my time......was quite th

e virtuoso.

"Bury My heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown
Bill Bryson.
Tuesdays with Morrie & The five people you meet in Heaven...by Mitch Albom.

Green has always been my favorite

Chinese, Indian, Mexican...and no one has ever beaten my mother's good old Jewish Chicken soup

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Well Me..... I lived in Canada for about 10 years..Would have still been there if my lovely wife had not been diagnosed with cancer when we came home to visit for a year. I believe that there is something after this life, and that our "three score years and ten" is a prelude. I caannot just believe that our Creator would have made this world and put us here as the only intelligent life in the universe {so far as is known at present} or no purpose other than we should leave it, and be no more. I feel it is a testing life .So that makes me a definate spiritualist .I am a healer and send out absent healing each night . I am a Reiki healer although since moving to Truro 3 years ago, have not been in any group. Visited the Black Hills of South Dakota, and had an amazing time there.

Honesty, Native North Americans {why on earth "Red Indians" I never ever saw a red person when I visited the plains}. I also like {love} the beauty that is this world. Rainbows, Butterflies, birds and flowers. Ethnic foods, {but . have to be careful..diabetes.} Movies.Love the fact that each morning I rush to the mirror...breathe on it, and if it fogs over I have another day ahead . I love my children, my grandchildren, my friends and most importantly Sheba my dog. I definately like my Spirit Guide "Red Cloud" who has shown and given me amazing things

People who scoff at the street homeless. People that will rudely say "Get a Job". Those that criticise Drunks and drug addicts. It's an illness for goodness sake. They need help, and sympathy, with some understanding of their plight.
I do not like false friends. Do not like anyone who mistreats either human animals or those animals we call pets. I do not like racial or religious intolerance. Not to happy about snow.You can keep "the pretty" . It soon becomes slush.

Hmm !! Don't have too much of that. Now that I live in a small flat. I do not have the luxury of the garden I had when I lived in Surrey 12 years back. So I now call keeping in touch with friends in Canada, the USA, Japan, and good old Blighty my main hobby. The computer is better than sliced bread to me.

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06/14/2019 19:41:10

Hi, Gerry!  Don't know if you're still active but I got a kick out of seeing "gerrybear" as I am also gerrybear, geribear, gerribear for many years, many places....had to change my lifetime gerrY nickname to an "i" after I got old enough to work in business.. LOL  Hope you're still active and healthy, as I strive to be at 82....

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