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64 years old
Edmonton, Alberta

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Royal or Cobalt Blue. I love all shades of blue but the mid to darker blue seems to sit best with my mood most times. I look best in a mid to darker blue attire I think.

WildLieber - Member of NWF

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Timber Wolves photo: wolves bro_wolf2.jpg

My passion food is Cheese cake. Not the hard stuff but the oh so soft cheesecake that melts in your mouth, especially if it has blueberry or strawberry topping. Other than that, I like most all kinds of food as I was raised in a family that had very little money so we hunted for our meat, grew our own garden veggies and fruit. As a child I learned to eat what was put in front of me or I ended up eating it for Breakfast. Ever had Spinach for Breakfast, YUCH!

Science Fiction, Astronomy, Our Universe and Galaxy/Global System. Albert Einstein, Anything about UFO's or life beyond Earth. Archaeology, Germanic History especially books about the "House of Hanover", Prince Albert "the Forgotten King" Historical books about famous people and people who made a difference in the World.

"Life is Precious. Nurture it, Care for it, Love it,
Do not destroy it for it will never appear again".
Quote by: Cameron Schulte. ~HerrWildLieber~

This page is dedicated to the memory of RUSTY.
A crossbreed Wolf 90% Alaskan Timber Wolf - 10% Alaskan Husky
that I shared my home with many years ago. He was such a good
soulmate & friend to me when I needed one the most.
RIP RUSTY, my friend.

To all my Friends:
Please be aware that the Profile Pages "HerrWildLieber"
and "WildLieber", see below


are both my pages. You are welcome to visit them both
and leave a comment or foto in my guestbook.
Click on the profile foto above to go to my WildLieber's page.

Einstein called time a river. It speeds up, It slows down, and meanders
around the stars. In a fatalistic sense, the river takes us where it wants
our lives to go. We can not escape it. We are along for the ride.
We are captives of time.

Below is a picture slide of Terrace, B.C. Canada.
The city where I grew up. A very Beautiful area. No matter where
I hang my hat this city will always be home. ENJOY!


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11/23/2017 19:24:55

Evening  my friend  am  so glad  the  day  is  over.

hope  you  had  a  wonderful  day and  didn't  over  eat,  our  weather  was  nice  today, chilly  but the  sun  was  out. hope you  have  tomorrow  off  if  you  work,  and  be  careful  if  your  out  shopping  the  stores  are  crazy  already.  hugs

11/23/2017 12:31:56

Hugs  June

11/23/2017 11:35:39

Magical Thanksgiving picture from commenthaven.com
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Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  I took yesterday off as a vacation day, and we're closed Friday -- so I have a five-day weekend for Thanksgiving!! YAY!!  Plus, yesterday BBC America ran a "Sherlock" marathon, so I didn't move from my chair!!  What a wonderful start to the holiday!!  Best wishes to all!!

11/23/2017 10:58:59

Hoping you Thanksgiving Day is blessed and happy.

Thanksgiving Fairy Thanksgiving picture

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