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63 years old

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Mar 25 2009, 8:27 pm by jenniferjean
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Haven't been to the movies in years but do watch a few now we can download from the internet Prefer Comedies Never watch anything violent

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Classical Piano

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Not enough hours in the day to read

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Yellow Orange and Green

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Everything but brains kidney's and tripe

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Current Adelaide Time

Have Daughter Son-in-Law and 2 Grandkids who are just all amazing and a Husband that waits on me hand and foot
Still work full time as a Hair Stylist and have done so for 48years and still love it!

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Hot weather and lazing by the pool

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Cooking Grocery Shopping Telemarketers and Winter

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Making Layouts and Tags to use on the Hill Also Tracing the Family Tree which is never ending

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08/27/2014 08:52:07


Glitters |
Hello |

Hi there. Time seems to get away from me anymore. And I'm finally getting over this stomach bug that I had since Friday. We got some rain last night which was good. We can always use the rain. We went and bought Trey a 1998 Ford Ranger extended cab pickup last night. He doesn't have his drivers license yet but he does have his permit. He has tried twice to pass his drivers test and hopefully next month he will. Not alot going on. My mother in law tried to show me how to crochet but my fingers just didn't want to do it. So she is going to make the baby blanket. I found a cross stitch baby quilt that the 12 squares you cross stitch then you put them together as a quilt. I haven't done much on it yet. But I need to get going on it. Well I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm posting a picture on here of Trey standing beside his new pickup at the car lot.

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08/27/2014 08:17:26


Hello Dear Friend, just letting you know how I appreciate your friendship.

I am having a Computer problem at the moment lol !! but hopefully it will be sorted out today.

Sending Love Minnie xx

08/26/2014 22:22:31

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We love the
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The day is about over
and I wish you a great Wednesday.
Hugs and smiles.

08/26/2014 20:15:10

Good grief Jenn my friend, I must sound
like a broken record, and I apologize
for that, but it  poured, it literally poured
here late this evening, with a lot of sound effects lol.. there was lightning, but too light and you couldn't see it, am hoping it returns for all the effects..
I am so happy for you that you are now getting the weather you folks have been awaiting for sooooo long.  We all know that it is around the corner, but which corner? lol
The morning was absolutely gorgeous here and then cooled off a tad, then the humidity hit, and the windows, drapes, were closed and the fan was turned on, and then the a/c.. so when it started to cool off a bit, I opened everything up and closed down other thngs, that would have been around 5:ish, the the storm hit and I was happy we didn't lose our hydro, which happens periodically. which I don't mind, but do mind when I am cooking!
I'm wishing you sunshine and flowers..and I really liked your tag, very pretty.
Hugs Nancy.. have a pleasant week.

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