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66 years old
United States

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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The Mirror with Two Faces 1996; Field of Dreams, Zorro, Cloud. I also enjoy the Cesar Milan series and Keeping Up Appearances (a British sitcom)

Man-o-War, Winnie The Pooh, Raise Your Hand If You Love Horses, Funny Cide, Seabiscuit, Diana, The Black Stallion series.

Authors: God, Carolyn Hart, J.A. Jance, Patricia Cornwell

Any shade of purple and all pastel colors.

Chinese, Mexican and Italian. I'm a vegan most of the time so I also enjoy veggie subs.I also have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Please do not be offended if I do not respond to your comments. I do not have a lot of time to spend on The Hill but I appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes. I will, however, respond to private messages. Thank you and may God Bless everyone.

I have been married since Nov 1999. We have 3 adult children, 7 grandchildren; 1 great granddaughter and 3 dogs (all rescues). I have 2 younger sisters (PotatoeHead) and one that's not on The Hill, and adult triplet nephews. I enjoy spending time with friends, family, my dogs, and playing board, dice games and reading, mostly mysteries.

All God's creatures, great and small. Special fondness for Horses, Dogs and Cats. Beautiful sunrises/sunsets. Daisys because they are a "Happy" flower. Carnations and chrysanthemums because they come in all different colors and last a long time and Yellow roses.Thunderstorms and listening to the rain. Watching snow fall. Helping people and animals.

Liars and thieves. Anyone who mistreats or abuses animals or children. Anyone that doesn't stand behind our men/women in the military 210% They give up their normal lives and some pay the ultimate price with their life - the least we can do is stand up and defend their rights here at home while they're defending ours in foreign countries.
PLEASE remember that when you get a pet, that pet expects to live it's ENTIRE life with you; not be passed on to a stranger or thrown out like the trash. If you cannot keep this promise to your pet, do NOT get one.

My dogs, my grandkids, my great granddaughter, reading, walking, playing on my computer and singing gospel songs.

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04/01/2021 18:20:36

03/26/2021 15:05:42

Good afternoon. How are you today.

Hope all is well with you.

Been going to theropy every week for

my shoulder and had a cortisone shot done.

Today is over cast with rain then sun.

Hope your weather is good to you.

I hope you have a great day.

God Bless you. :-) 

03/11/2021 16:55:35

03/03/2021 13:44:58





Hello my sweet friend. How are you today. 

I thought i share this video with you that i took yesterday

 at my DRs. appointment. It was a very cold day and windy.

I love Mother nature. My favorite bird is Red Cardinals.

My shoulder is not getting any better. Still out of work

and on workers com. I miss working.

I hope all is well with you and your staying safe and warm.

Spring is almost here. I hope you have a Beautiful day.

God Bless you. :-)

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