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66 years old
Marshall, Wisconsin
United States

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JOB: Disabled
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RELIGION: Christian - other
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Jesus of Nazareth, Australia!
Mamma Mia,Return To Me.Everything
John Wayne & Jimmy Stewart.Mel
Gibson,The Bucket List,The Notebook,
The Wedding Singer,Pretty Woman,
Indiana Jones,The Breakfast Club
The Lord of the Rings

Religious and Christian MySpace Comments and Graphics
Religious and Christian Comments and Graphics
MySpace Layouts - Photobucket

Paul Wilbur, Music From God
Some Christian contempory
50's & 60's Annie Lenox , Beecake

#1 The bible!
Debbie Macomber,Richard Paul
Evans,some Nora Roberts,Max
Lucado,The Mitford Series,
Tony Evans,James Patterson The Lord of the Rings

Fried chicken, Chinese, Italian,
steaks. Not much I don't like!
salads, pecan pie. I love almost
every vegetable.

I twitter now. I am at @MaryEllen9064

Welcome to my page. I love the hill!
I love all my friends! However, I have
not been on very much lately.

I have published my first
magazine article and another
to be published within the
year! I am so happy as getting
published the first time is
very important!!

cute pictures of puppies with captions
see more dog and puppy pictures

I grew up on a farm in rural
Wisconsin and I am so thankful
as I discovered God in all His
wonder through the outdoor life
and the animals. I moved several
different times,but am now back
at home. It is just Dad and me.
My beloved mother passed away in
March of '06.
Used to work as an LPN in Beloit,
WI,then I worked 4 years at a
nursing home in Sun Prairie. I
got burned out and became a Unit
Secretary in the Rehab unit at the
UW hospital.From there I worked a
couple years in the Rehab clinic
and finally as what was called an
Assisted Scheduler, a behind the
scenes receptionist. We got phone
calls,and did much of the same thing
the physically there receptionist did.
I have just finished a writer's course
for writing children's books. This
involves kindergarden to teenagers.
I hope to start getting articles and
stories published and maybe even some
day a book.

I love Jesus! I call Him Yeshua,
His name in Hebrew.He has helped
pave the way for me my entire
life. I could not have made it
without Him. He is my hero. I
love my family, friends,all
animals,but especially dogs!
My 'little girl' Mitzy has been
with me for 5 years now. She was
abandoned in the country north
of here. She is just so very
loving. She is my shadow. She
is a Bichon Frise ( her picture
is in the gallery).I love
thunderstorms, love when the
wind starts to pick up and the
rumble of thunder begins. Love
to watch the storm clouds and
lightening.I do not like severe
weather,though. I love listening
to the frogs in the spring and
later the tree toads. I love soft
summer breezes through the window.
Also flowers and green grass. I
think spring is my favorite time
of all.I love to watch and listen
to the birds and look out for new
ones in the spring. We feed
hummingbirds as well. I just love
being outside and all of nature!

Military Comments

Spicecomments.com - Military Comments


Animals Comments

I am simply miserable when the
weather is hot and humid.(we
don't use air conditioning) I
also despise freezing rain and
sleet. It is so dangerous and
causes so much damage. I do not
like mosquitos (however they
sure love me!) I do not like
people who think they are better
than others or who judge people
for how they look. I do not like
when people blaspheme the Lord
but I love and pray for them.

Flowers Comments

Reading, knitting, crocheting,

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