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Seek the Lord while He may be found. Isa. 55:6

79 years old

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JOB: Homemaker
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I am not much of a movie goer, but I enjoy animated movies, films based on true stories, and mysteries. Just love the Shrek movies.

I like Southern Gospel, and Country and Western,
and the 50's & 60's music.

The number one book on my list is my Bible.

I like autobiographies about early Christian Missionaries, anything by Phillip Keller, and for light reading I like Susan Wigg, and Debbie
Macomber, Luanne Rice, Danielle Steele, Lauraine Snelling

My favourite colour is any shade of purple.
And I love pastel colours.

CHOCOLATE, Italian foods, chicken, and my number one food group is Cheesecake. I have never had a bad cheesecake, just some are better than others. :o)

My contact person is Dove. I met Dove shortly after I joined the Hill. She has become a dear friend, a sister in Christ and after meeting on line found we have friends in common. I treasure her friendship and want to thank her for being my contact person.

This is our first great grandson. His name is Azrael. That is his grandpa, our son, with him.

I live in a small community in Central
I am married to the love of my life, Ron, and have been married for 55 years.
We have two grown children and four grandchildren and two great grands. One of each.
Three girls and one boy and two step grandchildren, one of each.
Our son is married,and works as a robotics designer for the auto industry
Our daughter is married and is a office manager and insurance broker.

I like to laugh,summer, camping, being outdoors, walking, sunrises and sunsets,butterflies,
hummingbirds, jig saw puzzles and people with a good sense of humour, and I really like my husband. o:)
original nintendo and games.

I don't like the winters.
Foul language, cigarette smoke, perfumes, rude people, bullies,and people who abuse seniors, children or animals.

People who don't keep their word.
Loud music and cell phones in public places.
I don't like MacDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken,
Mario's, Shusi, coffee or tea.

.com/albums/nn33/lizzyann65/KNITTING.gif" border="0" alt="Photobucket" crocheting, and wood working....especially fret work.

Watching baseball and hoping the Toronto Blue Jays win the world series this year. Go Jays!!

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10/09/2020 09:48:52

<a href="https://www.dreamies.de/" target="_blank"><img src="https://img2.dreamies.de/img/273/b/lyk9tgbgkxc.png" border="0"></a>

06/10/2020 07:49:19

03/02/2020 19:48:48

Hi Liz, just dropped by to say I hope you're doing good. I have been gone since before Christmas. Been sick off and on and not doing real good now, but better than I was. I think about you often, but just don't get on here like I once did.

I have a new great-granddaughter, she was born on Feb 5, 2020. Her name is Harper. My granddaughter and husband are very good parents and so proud of her. I haven't met her yet since I've been sick, but hope to soon.

Just wanted to say a quick Hello. Write when you have time.

Love, Jo

07/08/2019 15:32:35

Just surfing the Hill...wanted to say hello. I love purple too -:) Have a wonderful week.

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