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55 years old
Belmont, North Carolina
United States

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Favorite female singer- Stevie Nicks
Favorite male singer. - Steve Perry
Other artists I particularly like are:
Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Dwight Yoakum, Prince

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Non Fiction



French fries
Phillycheese Sandwich
Chocolate desserts

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Just an older mom who is enjoying life. Married to my knight in shining armor, David. (Ironically he is from Phoenix Arizona)I call him my 'desert rat :)I am Mom to one sweet boy, Cameron Lee,who is now a young adult. (Our kids simply grow up too fast) Needless to say..life in the Harper household is far from boring. Kinda started out at motherhood late (35) but wouldn't change anything for the world. I am a full time mom, home manager, cook, taxi driver, book-keeper, wife, budget analyst, decorator, maid, and most of all a Christian. Our lovable dog Dixie guarantees no day is uneventful. I don't move as fast as I use to, but enjoying life all the same. Have been working outside the home since 1982, though now taking a break as I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 12-2016. Would like to remain employed part time; so hoping this happens later in the year. I am a little older and move somewhat slower now. Looking forward to retirement.... but that is a few years off.

I have a twin sister who is older by 3 minutes. We are originally NC natives and love the beauty in this state, especially the mountains and beaches. I lived in Ft Worth Texas for six short years, but NC called me back in 1988.

Enjoy meeting new friends here, especially those that reside in NC.

Meeting other friends online that like to share day to day interests. Now that I'm not quite over the hill, life sure throws punches. But I think with a little help from my friends here, it will be a more enjoyable ride as we grow older together:)

Irresponsible drivers
Lazy people
Government corruption
Animal abuse
Child abuse
Those who hold a grudge

Reading, traveling (camping), collecting recipes and gardening. Spending time with family & friends. Riding the Kawasaki with hubby when time allows. I also enjoy writing devotions. Have had many published locally in a variety of publications.

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06/23/2018 09:20:47
Good morning, and happy Saturday.  I only use the Paint Program, not the Pro.  It is the one that comes up when you click on, EDIT.  I don't use it a lot but there are certain things I need it for.  I basically use it for screen captures, and changing the size of a picture.  Naturally I have other ways of changing the size but this is the most convenient.  I remember first hearing on this atrocity and I was already preparing for alternatives.  In either case, if they go through with this diabolical plan, I shall have to use other options to reinstitute this program.

You are fortunate not to have WINDOWS 10.  There are not a lot of people that are happy with it.  I used to have Windows Vista on my former laptop but that laptop is no longer in use.  I bought the present laptop I'm using in 2013 and did not use it for a year.  It came with Windows 8, and in a short time forced me to have Windows 8.1, and then eventually Windows 10.  It did not give me an option.  Then recently, it forced the latest addition Of Windows 10 on to this computer.  In each case, I had to override these updates to continue have a user friendly computer.  My newer laptop I purchased before Black Friday last November.  I hardly ever use it but it is ready to go when his laptop breaks down.  I have everything loaded into that laptop.  I am having trouble with a Kodak program I use.  For some reason it does not want to work in that computer.  That computer came with Windows 10.  It did not have Photo Gallery, which I use extensively, and a good Movie Maker program, which I also use extensively.  Microsoft said it would not work on the Windows 10 that came with that computer.  I analyzed the situation and went online and found a way to rectify the situation.  And then of course the latest addition of Windows 10 forced its way onto this computer.  And it was abominable.  I managed to get rid of it but then I had to straighten out the problems that created.  And on both of these computers, Microsoft does not like the start button I use.  It is the one you use on your Windows 7.  In either case, I tread water and tremble in fear every time Microsoft comes with an update.  My other laptop I keep offline so that they cannot force an update while I'm not looking.

Have a good weekend.  Live long and prosper.

06/23/2018 09:13:46
Good morning. Late night. Late start. Have a good weekend.

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06/23/2018 07:18:58

Hello & a happy weekend to you . Back to our hot hot weather with high 90's & today & tomorrow heat index expected 108. At least not like Phoenix Az.
Hope you made it through the high winds & flooding that went on
this week .Enjoy the weekend & get set for another good

Yeah - Weekend

06/23/2018 06:30:22

We're hoping to make a short trip to Florida soon...we've been thinking about moving there..my hubby has the "itchy feet" to move! LOL! I wouldn't mind living close to a beach, (can't afford one on the beach)  but will miss seeing my kids when I want...we'll see...

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