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"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

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This song is one of the songs I quote a lyric from in my profile. Give me some feedback if you will.

I love posting pics or just a few words to say "hi how are ya?"...The guestbook is a great way to get to know each other....I wonder why some have so many pages? I understand having a test page, it's a good way to view how your theme looks to others....I'm here more often now since I retired in 2019...."Every picture tells a story, don't it?"....."Whatever happens is whatever happens."...."There must be some other way, to get where we have to go. There must be some other way. Please show me another way."...Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason..."Nobody told me there'd be days like these, strange days are here. Most peculiar mama."...."Only time will tell."...Sometimes us good guys bring out the worst in others...Memory is a funny thing. Sometimes it's all one sided."It's all an illusion."...Sometimes you never really know what you thought you knew in this cyber world....Why spy when it's easier to stop and say hello. Go figure. Maybe some soul searching...You can call me nightfall or call me by my name, Greg...."Hope is like an endless river, the time is now again."...The quotes are lyrics from songs...Remember to be kind, sing the song of love....Grief is a long process, memories never go away... Always in our hearts....And a wish for everyday...."Just to have one more day with you." It's been over four years now, missing the Love of my life....In memory of our loved ones lost...Time moves on even when we stand still..."Let the light always shine on thee."...Blessed be.....


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10/04/2023 13:50:56
JUdy here for a bit this morning and brought in a few groceries..
SIL called and they coming over Sunday to show me some trip pic.
Got only a short drizzle this morning and not a real rain.  but temps
cooler and only 77F so far..
Unbelievable that the House on recess till next Tues .. no Speaker named
and no one working on the budget!! I  think we need some new blood!

10/04/2023 13:06:45

Aww!! thanks for let me to know .. i don't know this lol.. but i love the background moon and clouds too ... 

nightfall wrote:

10/04/2023 12:45:28

Good day my dear friend ,  how are you ?  

Kisses, Grace

10/04/2023 11:14:02

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