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81 years old

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Don't watch movies!

I do a lot of reading ... books as well as on the Internet. I enjoy reading historical books, particularly church history. Also very interested in holistic medicine.

My "getaway" location is my workshop, where I'm either repairing vintage telephones, rebuilding old tractors or fixing anything that my wife has broken!!!!
This was my 2016 project... all back together and running well. I've always wanted to find a Ferguson tractor like my father's first tractor after he stopped farming with horses. I finally found this one about 300 miles from where we live.


It is now my pride and joy, even though I plan to just look at it and drive it in our neighborhood.


I'm somewhat color-blind, so I don't really have a favorite color. I do know that I can't tell the difference between green and red.

 photo 7.jpg

If it's food ... I'll eat it!

We like to have fun at our place... I used up old lumber, and found the decorations in various places. It is not meant to be used on a regular basis... only when our septic tank creates a problem.


 photo OldPhones_zpscc6d396a.png

Generally, I am a very friendly person ... except on 'This Hill'! If you take the time to read the stuff on my page, you will understand why I don't have any friends here. If you want to keep track of me (not much 'goin' on here), click on the old typewriter below, and ask my wife Mona, if she has room on her list of friends. She's the one who does all the talking anyway, and she has a link on her page so that you can easily drop by!

In 1955, I began an apprenticeship with Alberta Government Telephones. After 10 years, I left to start a new career in the real estate industry. I have been an active Realtor since 1965, and still enjoy the challenge. I also have the privilege and pleasure of working in the same office with our son. He became a licensed Realtor in 1983.

I'm the "non-computer" guy, who keeps repeating, "Whatever happened to paper and pencil!" I just look up stuff on the Internet ... at least I know how to turn on my computer!

If you see changes on my page, it's because my wife Mona has been here, trying out some new idea, or leaving a "smart" comment or graphic at my expense. But I love her ... we're still BEST FRIENDS after nearly 50 years!

 photo headknocker.gif

Mona is the "computer" person in our home. If you are looking for her, tap on the typewriter below ... that's where you'll find her! You can also keep track of me from her page ... just click on the red phone and she'll send you right over!

 photo typewriter.gif

I am a happy person, and enjoy a good laugh. For me, good humor doesn't need the crutch of vulgarity to be funny!

 photo Canada-1.jpg

 photo accb51.jpg

People who think they are more important than they are!

When my 'Mrs.' has trouble with her computer, or her profile page on NOTH isn't working right, she get's very cranky. I much prefer to see her smile! I may have to get some help.

 photo SecretaryGun.gif

Many years after I left the telephone company, I started collecting and refurbishing collectible and antique telephones.

I like to buy and sell telephones and parts on Ebay.

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