Title: Bargain Hunting is a hobby!
Tags: needs, wants, bargains, stuff
Blog Entry: If you have visited me on my profile page, you will have learned that hubby and I enjoy Garage Sales (often called Boot Sales in England), and any other place that offers a bargain. This month there has been a myriad of Community Garage Sales in our town, as well as in the city. We love to chat with people, love to discover something that we didn’t know we needed, and items that are just too cheap for us NOT to buy them. In one of the new districts in the town where we shop, there were over 50 garage sales, and it kept us busy for several hours. It seems that the new districts are the place to shop, where families have just moved into their new home, and some of the stuff that they brought with them just don’t fit in with the new décor, or they have something newer and better to replace an item that is still like new. Some people  just   have too much money! At one particular home, I chatted with the lady of the house who was so excited about her new home. Looking at the many items that she had for sale, I noticed a Kurig Coffee Maker on the lawn that I knew was the latest model. It included a carafe to make a pot of coffee, not just one cup at a time. I had looked at them online, but there was no way I was going to spend over $300.00 (including shipping) on a machine to make coffee. I asked her if she wanted to sell it, and if so, why was she selling it. It appeared to be used very little, if at all, because most of the items were still in the original packaging. Yes, it was for sale because they found something that was a better fit on their bar. Her asking price was $30.00 cash. Guess who has a new coffee maker in her kitchen?