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J - Johnston Canyon
Posted On 08/28/2015 01:04:43 by yourchoice
In my growing up years, a trip to Banff National Park was a special treat, often including members of my mother’s family. She grew up in a large family, on a farm in central Alberta where there was always a lot of work to do. There were times, between the spring seeding season and the autumn harvesting season, that a trip to the mountains was possible. I don’t remember that anyone had a trailer, but those who could stay overnight were snug in their tent, or in a cozy cabin. Of course, there... Read More

I - Irresistible IHOP
Posted On 08/26/2015 00:24:59 by yourchoice
We have done a lot of travelling, visiting family or experiencing the adventure of new destinations. For years, my favorite dining place has been the International House of Pancakes, better known as IHOP. No matter where we find that restaurant, we know that the food is consistently fresh and delicious. The salads are fresh, the meals are like "down-home"! But I have to admit that my favorite meal, no matter the time of day, is breakfast. The variety of waffles, French toast, pancakes, cre... Read More

H - Happy Happenings in Halifax
Posted On 08/24/2015 11:16:24 by yourchoice
When friends of ours invited us to come to Halifax to see the Tall Ships, we had  no idea what we would be in for. We knew what a tall ship was but why would they be coming to Halifax? No matter; it would be a great opportunity to visit our friends who had been transferred Alberta to Halifax. We quickly made arrangements and off we went.We learned that the city was taking the opportunity to do business public relations events during the visit of the tall ships, sending invitations to variou... Read More

Posted On 08/23/2015 23:43:05 by StoryBoat
One excuse that I will never use is an excuse for getting wet, in the water or on the water..in my case, both actions are usually drops in the same bucket.~My earliest memory is of falling off a dock post at a Minnesotan lake.  I remember watching my air bubbles effervesce to the surface, while I sank.  Mom told me once, that after I was rescued, all I talked about for weeks was the "pretty bubbles".~~While growing up in western Washington, there were more than enough opportunities dur... Read More

A-Z Challenge or Alphabet Challenge
Posted On 08/19/2015 04:26:25 by dabbymac
A number of weeks ago, I issued a challenge to StoryBoat (at her urging) to blog her way through the alphabet.  When she got through the B Blog, we took the challenge public via the NOTH challenge Group with an eye toward revitalizing the blogs.  Story was much more optimistic than me about bloggers joining the effort.  I was sooooo wrong.   I am happy to report today that we have SIX members who have taken up the gauntlet.  This is not a competition.  There is no t... Read More

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