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Exercise, exercise, exercise
Posted On 07/31/2010 14:48:46 by klbrinkman
Exercise, exercise, exercise   We got our walk in this morning.  I have a little pedometer that clips on the waist but I can’t find it.  We are pretty sure we walked about a mile though.  We took the Beagle – Lucky – this time.  He needs the exercise too!  Too many milk bones in his fat little tummy.  Windom has some wonderful walking paths out at Legion Field near Cottonwood Lake, a small fishing and swimming lake in town.  There are four full... Read More

Medical, Medical, Medical
Posted On 07/29/2010 19:54:17 by klbrinkman
July 29, 2010   Medical, Medical, Medical   Today was medical day in Sioux Falls for both my husband and I.  He saw his dermatologist and heart specialist.  I saw the Dietician and the Nurse Practitioner to get my first adjustment of the lapband.  Actually the rest of this week is Medical too.  I had a blood panel done Wed. and will see my regular doctor tomorrow at 9 AM to discuss that and I have a dental appointment at 8 AM tomorrow.  I continue to lo... Read More

Did or Didn't I?
Posted On 07/16/2010 21:09:44 by klbrinkman
Did I or Didn’t I?   You Betcha – I DID – Yea for me!!!  It took about 20 minutes to go from home to the post office and then to my office.  And – Yes – I was colorful – used my cane from Mexico.  I took my time and slowed down when necessary.  Today has been beastly hot and humid – again – and tomorrow doesn’t look promising either.  But I walked around 9AM and it was still tolerable then.    My wonderful, amazing, and handsome... Read More

Georgia Bound
Posted On 08/20/2008 18:36:23 by felines47
It is all falling right in place for me.  My townhouse is sold.  I went to Gainesville Ga last week and fell in love with the area.  I am in trouble because I expected a one horse town.  Wow, shopping galore.  On Monday I visited where I will be working.  I think I will be very happy there.  The people are so nice.  That afternoon I headed out with my GPS and looked at 4 apartments.  Steps and stairs were all I found.  I have stairs now but... Read More

New Chapter in Life
Posted On 07/25/2008 19:00:29 by felines47
Everything has fallen into place over this past month to allow me to relocate to Gainesville, GA.  Who would think in this market I could find a buyer for my townhouse.  I am not making any money on the sale but it will allow me to be free to move with no ties.   Having no family here has made the choice an easy one of job or no job.  At 61 who would really hire a hearing impaired woman?  I am experienced at what I do now and that is closing Mortgage Loans.  So... Read More

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