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Tag: music

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J - Meet Janet, John and Jose!
Posted On 02/23/2016 23:50:37 by yourchoice
Back to my personal “second-time around” A - Z Blog Challenge! For those of you who have visited my page, and the other one it is linked to, will know of some of my favorite things. The three people I want to introduce, certainly fit in one of my favorite categories. Janet Paschal is most often considered to be an inspirational and southern gospel singer, and has become a regular on the Gaither Homecoming Concert Series. For years, I have been a fan of Bill Gaither, and when the southern gos... Read More

X - The X-Factor
Posted On 11/09/2015 20:47:34 by yourchoice
When you hear ‘The X-Factor’ what comes to mind? I wondered if there was a meaning before the now well-known TV Talent Show was aired, so I went to Google. I learned that it is hard to define, but the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary suggests that the meaning refers to  “a ​quality that you cannot ​describe that makes someone very ​special”. I don’t think I had ever heard or read that before.For me, The X-Factor is a “must-see” weekly reality talent TV show. It... Read More

F - Frank, Fernando, and the Flex
Posted On 08/19/2015 12:45:28 by yourchoice
I’m sure you are wondering why I have selected these three ‘F’ words for my next A-Z challenge. It may surprise you. Recently, a well-known sports figure has left this world. I have never said that I am a sports fan, but I manage to watch the final series games of hockey (our local team is the Calgary Flames), and Canadian football (our local team is the Calgary Stampeders). There is a Canadian Major Baseball team, the Bluejays, but they never play in Western Canada, so I muster some enth... Read More

Posted On 02/24/2015 14:07:11 by kiwibarb
While growing up, I knew only one Intellectually Handicapped child. Now there are hundreds of them. Many suffer from Down Syndrome, while others have brain defects that do not affect their physical appearance. The one thing they share is that their brains all have a defect of one kind or another. Some are actually employable, others can literally do nothing at all. When we moved from our island home to the mainland, my husband was approached by a caregiver of the local IHC to play music for an h... Read More

The Penny Dropped
Posted On 11/19/2014 15:33:11 by kiwibarb
I have been wondering for ages why music groups are rarely photographed smiling. The gloomy looks on their faces are sending me the message that they hate what they do, and are being forced into it. It’s beside the point that I also frequently dislike what they do. Since making music gives me great pleasure, I could never understand this disagreeable look that they all seem to favour. Well, at long last the penny has finally dropped. Today’s news paper contained a pull-out of NZ music Award... Read More

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