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02/19/2021 07:05:46

Hello dear friend, may this Friday be nice for you ... I send you many kisses. 

02/19/2021 04:32:33

Good morning Anne, waking to another dusting of snow. Great FYI lol. TGIF! Wishing you a Friday full of smiles.

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Blessed Be

02/18/2021 21:31:44

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Art Image

Thank you for being a friend

02/18/2021 19:22:18


02/18/2021 18:12:01

cheekydee wrote:

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Lots of snow still with us and it's very cold.  Had a burst pipe at 4 a.m.in our building yesterday.  Lots of fun and games.  All sorted now.  How's by you?

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I'm cozy here. About 2 more inches of snow on top of the previous 5 inches, but I'm in a metropolitan Michigan area so it's no problem.

02/18/2021 16:18:57

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I hope you are staying safe and warm.

It is so cold here in Maine. It started to snow. 

We are getting 4 inches of snow.

I sure cannot wait for spring.

I had my MRI done and The Dr found 4 things 

in my left shoulder. I will be getting cortisone shots.

I am tired of pain from the fall at work.

I hope all is well with you. Please take care. 

God Bless you . Have a great day. :-)

02/18/2021 13:19:38

Good afterrnoon Anne!  Love your little Irish mouses!!  How is your day going?  It's  back to rain here and will be thru Fri.  It's a do nothing day here - just put some laundry away and talked to my girlfriend back in New Jersey.  We had a lot of catching up to do - always fun, isn't it?  Have a wonderful day - keep warm and shoo away any snow!  Hugs, Wendy

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02/18/2021 12:24:23

Hello, how was your day, I hope everything is fine,

I wish you the best for this Thursday, have fun,

and have a good time, with many joys, 

take  care,kisses,maria

02/18/2021 10:09:36


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Hello Bev.  Are you still getting snow?  We've got a respite for a few days coming soon.  We had some fun yesterday at our residence.  4:30 a.m. a burst pipe on second floor.  Such a mess - everyone maddly rushing around :)

Luv'n'Hugs, Anne

Hi Anne,

My gosh that must have been exciting, especially at 4:30 AM. I remember once here having the fire alarm going off about that time in the morning. We were all running out half asleep like chickens with their heads off. I always hope that will never happen again. Never know though when we are living in a place with others.

We are supposed to get  some snow again tomorrow but not as much as expected so that is a plus. Not much going on here these days. After this is all over it will be dificult getting back to our normal ways of living.

Take care, stay safe a stay warm. Hugs Beverley.

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02/18/2021 09:56:20

So grateful for the two days of sunshine because today is....guess what?....rainy and cold again, Anne. Temps hovering just above freezing. This nasty weather is forcing me (yes, FORCING!) to need to rearrange my living room. Don't you just know how thrilled Dave is? He keeps threatening to nail down the furniture so I can't move it anymore. LOL Like THAT will stop me. Silly man. Enjoy your day, rain or shine! Sending smiles and hugs!


02/18/2021 09:52:17

Hi how are you? I hope you want to enjoy a nice day! Kisses for you.

02/18/2021 09:52:07


02/18/2021 09:45:44

Anne--hoping you and your loved ones are safe and well.

02/18/2021 09:15:40

Hello Anne, love your house mouse st Pats pic. So cute! Is the snow bad in your area?  I guess we all feel like Winter is hanging on forever but I know we are blessed where we live. Mostly just rain and tolerable temps.  Have a good Thursday.

02/18/2021 04:45:07

Good morning Anne, yay it's Friday Eve! The weekend is in view! Wishing you a day full of smiles.

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Blessed Be

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