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I love the old movies and black and white TV. I would rather watch "old time" television shows and movies than today's junk on the tube. There are a rare few of today's shows, "Dancing with the Stars", even a few shows from the United Kingdom that you can catch on the internet. I enjoy watching shows on PBS like "Downton Abbey" and "Call the Midwife", both shows currently from Britain. Todays television is in SAD shape!! Most movies I like to watch are from about 1933 to about 1958. Actors I like are Clark Gable, Yul Brynner, Doris Day, Myrna Loy. A few of my favorites are, "It Happened One Night", "The King and I", "The Best Years of Our Lives","Mildred Pierce", "The Ten Commandments", "Niagara", Double Indemnity". I like the sitcoms of the 50's and 60's., "I love Lucy", "Honeymooners", "Combat", "Maverick", "Rifleman", "Bewitched". Sorry folks, I live in a "black and white" world!!


Love music from the 1930's to the 1960's. I like listening to Michael Buble, Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, The McGuire Sisters, Lennon Sisters,and similar music. Recently I am enjoying Jackie Evancho. From Britians Got Talent I like Susan Boyle, Richard and Adam, Jonathan and Charlotte. From Italy; ll Volo. I could be listening to Al Jolson tunes while taking the dog for a walk!!


My favorite book I have always loved is Gone With The Wind, and of course the movie!! I have always loved the classics,and I re-read them every once in a while, my most recent was Les Miserables. I have seen the movie of the same name with Hugh Jackman, it is okay, but my favorite one is with Liam Neeson. One of my particular favorites is Forever Amber, I love the book and enjoy the movie with Linda Darnell. I like a few of the contemporary authors, Patricia Cornwell, Jeffrey Deaver, Lisa Gardner. I have enjoyed Dean Koontz and Steven King since their early writing careers. I have read the Harry Potter books and the Twilight series books, then watched the movies. I loved the Outlander Series books by Diana Gabaldon and also enjoy the cable series on STARZ


My favorite color is green, although I don't seem to wear it very often. But in the summer one of my favorite colors to wear is yellow.

I really don't have a favorite food but I do seem to eat more Thai-food and Mexican when I dine out.


I TEXT at a snails pace. THIS is SAD!!! If you think I'm going to have a conversation with you texting..forget it so much is miss-interpreted that way. I like talking to people instead!


I am a pet lover. All my pets have been adopted from shelters. I believe in adopting the older pet.Not a puppies or kittens, although cute, it is harder to place an older animal, and they have so much love to give you! Right now I have two dogs, one cat and fish. Beamer, is my "furry child" who is part Pomeranian and knows just how cute he is!, Bootie a tabby cat,and Shasta, is white shepherd-Husky mix. I have a pen pal from Japan that I have written to since I was in high school. We have written to each other for over 40 years. I have recently gone to visit her in her country of Japan and stayed for 18 days. I plan on visiting again soon.

I like to travel and go to places that isn't your usual vacation spot, although you will not catch me going to the Amazon, I am always planning my next travel adventure! My dream is to visit Antarctica!

What I don't like is people who can't think for themselves and use COMMON SENSE to get along in daily life, everyone seems they have to be doing and THINKING what is most popular, whether its good or bad for them.


I do scrapbooking, crochet, cross-stitching. I read books and listen to alot of Books on CD or my ipod while I drive. I get alot of books "read" that way. I listen to the Un-abridged kind. I also collect green depression glass, hobnail milk glass and snowbabies.

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09/15/2018 07:11:36

Good Morning my friend brought you a lil coffee.

have a wonderful saterday, 

Be blessed . G.

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