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Much Ado About Nothing

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An all time favorite of my is "American History X"; what an impact it brings. "Benny and Joon" is another of my favorites. Both 'Focher' movies. Good movies usually are comedies with Jim Carey or someone of Robin Williams stature. Also, mysteries, drama, horror, sci-fi and with the likes of Brad Pitt, John Travolta, Joe Mantenga sp), Robert De Niro, Walter Mathau, Jack Nicholson, Mary Stewart Masterson, Johnny Depp (awesome actor), Julianne Moore, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler,and the lady from Australia--Nicole Kidman. The older movies, say '60's era are fun to watch too. Mafia stories are intriquing. MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES ARE THE 30'S-40'S ERA: CARY GRANT, GRACE KELLY, CLAUDE RAINES, BETTE DAVIS, INGRID BERGEN, ETC.

I love piano music. Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, '50's and 60's Rock, a little country, a lot of Rock 'n Roll, Blues, Jazz, No hip hop, Rap, new age. I can appreciate a good orchestra or band too. AND MOST ANYTHING MY SON SINGS.

I recommend highly to every one: A New Earth, by Echart Tolle. Self-Help books are ok. Dan Brown novels, all of them are enjoyable. A good mystery is a nice way to relax. I've read the Bible, was impressed by all the different 'takes' by various religions on it. Childrens books: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, The Mystery of Long Barrow House, the 'Soup' books by Robert Newton Peck. And recently, Janet Evanovich (sp) novels.

Red, Maroon, Aquamarine, Oranges, Greens, Browns,. . . . . .

I've gotta say pizza is the best, especially Papa John's. Also, most seafood, then Quizno's,Subway or most any sub shop, and Ice Cream. Home grown veggies. Too bad I'm addicted to Diet Coke because I don't believe it is good for a body.


I live in Indiana, have three grown sons and one grandson. *And now, a step-grandson. I've lived here all my life but wonder why I am not somewhere that it doesn't snow; I loathe that. Really the reason I am here is that two sons and a grandson who is now 8 and 2 yr old stepson and his mother are here, along with my husband. Family is everything to me. My parents are both gone. I do have two brothers and two sisters; I am the youngest (if you can call me that). Sometimes fibromyalgia visits and stays a few days (to my discontent). But I take a medication that certainly helps. Carpal tunnel hinders my internet surfing and crocheting, etc., too from time to time. Other than that I am lively and funny. Passing quips with others is awesome, it is hard to get the best of me. Being creative and crafty is the ultimate passion although I may or may not (depending on the eye and mind of the beholder) be good at it. Us Saggitarians are naturally curious, nurturing, candid, nature-loving, and generous. Above all it is imperative to be true to myself and others; and I expect that in return. Without this, there is no respect.

Good Friends, Good coffee, diet Coke, especially caffeine free as the caffeine makes me a jitterbug. I love to be outdoors when it is warm. I love swimming when it is ultra warm outside (or not). Mowing the yard with a zero-turning radius mower is the ultimate good time for me too (haha, it don't take much). Dogs are my number one love but there isn't really anything I don't have an affection for in one form or another. Dining out (especially nice restaurants), travel (especially fishing villages, etc.), and being with friends and family doing nothing is awesome too. Also it can be rather relaxing to be alone sometimes. Absolutely love the beach, especially the Gulf coast with white sands--the ultimate. Also, I like TV: CBS HAS DONE IT TO ME AGAIN, CANCELLED JERICHO. Soaps I CATCH NOW AND AGAIN ARE The Young and the Restless, AND As the World Turns SINCE THE CANCELLING OF Guiding Light, MY FAVORITE. Monday night comedies: Two and a Half Men, The Adventures of Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother, and the BIG BANG THEORY. Big Brother and Survivor are two reality shows that are worth watching, to me BECAUSE HUMAN ACTION/REACTION IS INTRIGUING.

Grays and anything gloomy like rainy days or days without sun. Grumpy people. Pushy people, ignorant people that have the capacity to know better but refuse. I do not like to be cold, or too hot, but shivering is a nuisance. I don't like anyone or anything that is abusive to another thing--including this planet.

Scrapbooking, reading Dan Brown novels, crocheting, fishing, old movies, football, baseball, basketball, and nascar, playing poker and other games. Surfing the net and collecting info is my favorite pasttime. Painting and drawing and photography are cool too. Theatre.

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12/11/2017 08:13:39

Happy Birthday! Hope your day will be a blessed one. Be healthy, prosperous and LOVED!

All the best from far away! Hope you are well, because you haven't visited the hill for A LONG TIME!


12/22/2016 15:49:15

you & yours,

fantastic holiday season,

a very healthy & happy



you are my friend. T P

12/11/2016 19:44:52


12/11/2016 07:55:51

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