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I Just Called To Say Be Safe Out There!
Posted On 03/28/2020 00:10:59

  So here we are at the end of days you might say for Minnesota! They are closing our state up at midnight tonight because we are in a state of confusion as I'll put it! No one knows what to think anymore it would seem! So tonight I'm listening to three albums that really fit this situation! Well, not so much the albums but the hit singles that came from them! I'm talking about Semisonic's Closing Time, R.E.M.'s It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) and to end it all out on a pleasurable note The Kings This Beat Goes On/Switchin' To Glide! So which are you in the mood for? I got my ninja gear on and ready for some action if there is any trouble at midnight?...lol Take care everyone and stay safe! My job is essential so I'll be back at work on Monday, at least until hell freezes over! 

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  So here's the scoop Super Snoops! On a side note...I was made very happy by both my daughters this year for my birthday to receive a smart phone as a gift! No more flip phones for me! I graduated to the big time now! Now my phone charges will be day to day instead of week to week!...lol

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Spam, Spam and More Spam! :)
Posted On 03/27/2020 00:42:06

  So here we are...stuck in our quality of life that we made for ourselves and always took if for granted until now! So you're starting to realize that this is the life...sitting inside your four walls of happiness! Right? Spending time at home with whatever relationships with people you have! Am I rambling on? You bet I am for I am a Rambling Man!...lol People have asked me what am I listening to tonight for music on my 60th birthday? What are my favorite albums? Well, let me tell you a little secret! I have a few! I have a lot of taste and that's more music then the average person can absorb! The four albums I'm listening to tonight are Billy Joel-The Stranger, Huey Lewis And The News-Sports, Warren Zevon-Excitable Boy and Joe Jackson-Look Sharp! Some of the best around and some of my favorites! I say some because I have a lot of different flavors flowing through my spirit! But these will do tonight! Billy Joel's album had four hits with Movin' Out, Just The Way You Are, Only The Good Die Young and She's Always A Woman! Huey Lewis' album had five hits with The Heart Of Rock And Roll, Heart And Soul, I Want A New Drug, Walking On A Thin Line and If This Is It! Warren Zevon's album had Werewolves Of London and many deeper cuts that got a lot of radio play! Now Joe Jackson's album is another virus altogether! It had the hit Is She Really Going Out With Him? But the whole album is worthy of multiple listens! I just love it! So if you know any of these classic albums please let me know what you like...if any? And while I'm here rambling on...I would like to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! I really did appreciate it more than words can explain!

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  When store shelves are bare and this is all that's left...beggar's can't be choosers! Be imaginative and discover the true power of Spam! Besides...It's Minnesota grown!...lol 

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You Got To Know When To Hold 'Em! Oh, You Can't Anymore! :(
Posted On 03/25/2020 19:59:13

  I had to dig out my box set of Kenny Rogers-Through The Years: A Retrospective after hearing of the passing of him! I guess he passed away in his house Friday night sometime! Now he wasn't my favorite growing up but he was always there on the radio! He's an artist that I kind of grew into and respected what he sang later on in my years! Sort of like Barry Manilow...if you know what I mean? This box set has 4 discs adding up to 80 tracks! He was in a group called The First Edition and then went solo! He's had so many hits that I couldn't list them all here! But two of his hits went number 1 for three weeks straight...they were of course The Gambler and Coward Of The County! You would hear both of these and many others on the pop and country stations! So my question to you is which of these two hits would you pick to be your favorite, (or name a few others if you so wish to) and what would you categorize them under...Country or Pop? Some honorable mentions are Ruby: Don't Take Your Love To Town, Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In, Something's Burning, Sweet Music Man, Lucille, Daytime Friends, Lady, Islands In The Stream and What Are We Doing In Love just to name a few that I love! 

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  Well, what can I say! It's time to get back on track! I picked out two albums that are from the 70s with a hit from each that are staples from that classic rock era! Of course I'm talking about Nazareth-Hair Of The Dog from 1975 and Thin Lizzy-Jailbreak from 1976! Both are considered classic rock albums! The Nazareth album had the big hit Love Hurts and the follow up Hair Of The Dog! The Thin Lizzy album had the awesome hit The Boys Are Back In Town and their follow up was Jailbreak! All these hits got heavy air play on rock radio! So which is your favorite album or song? Maybe you don't have one? I don't know but if you grew up in my timeline then you will have a say here! Both are great albums and in this battle of the bands, I can't really choose! Both were my favorites growing up! So I'll leave it up to you! Tell me what you think! 

This Music Might Be Unknown To Some...Mona Maybe? ;)
Posted On 03/20/2020 18:17:17

  Ok, for this music post I got a request for an April Wine night? So I thought I'd dig through my albums and pick out my favorite one from them, which is "The Nature Of The Beast!" And then I thought I'd have that group go against another artist from the same year, so I picked "Billy Squier- Don't Say No" ...both released in 1981. So actually it's an April Wine vs Billy Squier night! The Nature Of The Beast album had two hits: "Just Between You And Me" and "Sign Of The Gypsy Queen!" While Don't Say No had four: "Lonely Is The Night," "In The Dark," "My Kinda Lover" and "The Stroke!" Both are top notch rock records with all the tracks on each album very enjoyable! So who or what album would you choose to get your rock and roll fill? For me Billy Squier's album just edges out April Wine's, but it is very close...and I enjoy both! Rock on people! 

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  So do you think I'm a sap to continue on with these music blogs with the world coming to an end? It almost feels like it. don't it? I think we will survive with the power of music and a positive hit of that ole self esteem! Tonight or today...depending on when you see this, it's Blondie vs. Bad Company! Both their best albums easy...as Blondie-Parallel Lines has three of their biggest hits with Heart Of Glass, One Way Or Another and Hanging On The Telephone! Meanwhile Bad Company-Straight Shooter album has Feel Like Makin' Love, Shooting Star and Good Lovin' Gone Bad! I know what your saying...you're not gonna make me pick now are you? Of course I am! All you people that grew up with this great music have got to have some kind of say? Lay it on me! Both are favorites of mine but overall I'd have to pick Bad Company's album although it's almost even steven!

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Are You Up For Some Tough Questions?
Posted On 03/13/2020 21:24:54

  Well, I know you're probably getting sick of these music posts? I do them because music sets us free and gives us a peaceful easy feeling from all the trouble in the world! Tonight I'm listening to a couple of artists that had just one hit on the billboard charts! But they were a big enough hit that I think you're gonna remember them? I'm talking about Tommy Tutone's smash hit 867-5309/Jenny and The Knack's equally awesome hit called My Sharona. Now how many of you dialed that number just to say you did? Did Jenny talk to you?...lol Both were what they call One-Hit-Wonders! But I bet you probably sang karaoke to each of them at some point in your life? Now of course comes the hard part...which of these hits are you gonna pick over the other one? My pick is gonna be The Knack's My Sharona only because the album it came off of was very memorable and had some very catchy rock tunes though out the whole album! I just noticed...sorry about the glare in the picture! I knew I should have worn a cap! 

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  Now it is time to answer that age old question and let your voices ring out as you either choose one or the other! It's Sammy Hagar vs David Lee Roth and I think you know the connection? Both were lead singers for that little known rock group called Van Halen! For me, it's David Lee Roth for the better Van Halen tunes...my opinion anyway! But wait...as solo artists it's Sammy Hagar all the way! I was enjoying Sammy Hagar as the lead singer for Montrose and also his solo albums way before Van Halen came along! So are you gonna "Jump" or "Finish What Ya Started?"

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The Battle Of A Century! Only You Know The Outcome?
Posted On 03/06/2020 21:16:29

  Ok, tonight it's a real barn burner as it's another battle of the artists! Neil Diamond vs Tom Petty! So who's your favorite artist? This could be a hard one? I, myself , love both artists as they both have a pile of top ten hits! Even the deep cuts are awesome! Neil Diamond has hits such as Solitary Man, Sweet Caroline, Cracklin' Rose, Song Sung Blue, I Am...I Said, Forever In Blue Jeans, America, Love On The Rocks and Heartlight just to name a few! Now Tom Petty is no slouch either in the hit department as he has had Breakdown, Don't Do Me Like That, Refugee, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Free Fallin', Mary Jane's Last Dance, I Won't Back Down and Learning To Fly just to name a few!

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  If I had to pick I would give the sentimental vote to Tom Petty as he has died and he is forever missed! Even though Neil Diamond has Parkinson's Disease in this stage of his life...after all he is 79 years young, I will still vote for Petty! Who do you like in this lineup? Entice me!  

I Have My Scuba Gear On!
Posted On 02/29/2020 18:33:55

  As most of you know I'm not on here as much as I'd like to be but that goes with my lifestyle I guess!  I've often thought about deleting my account here to be fair to you especially since my computer seems to be on it's last leg?  I can't shut it off without not having a problem logging back on!  It took me a couple of days of trying when I did an update and I needed to reboot to get those precious updates!  If this computer does crash and burn I don't remember my password to get back on here as I've got it to remember me as long as I keep on keeping on!  I know I need a new computer but I'll hang on until the last moment!  So if you see my account all of a sudden gone...that's why...I decided to delete and get a new pc!  I will come back though if that were to happen? 

  Here's my music post for the week if you would be so kind to view?...lol

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  If you grew up in the 70's in your pre-teenager/teenager years like I did you probably owned a couple of K-Tel albums that got played on your families turntable? You know...those cheap lps that stuck as many hits as they could on them...even trimming the length of the song so to get all those 20 songs on it for a great value...or so we thought! Now a lot of those songs were one-hit-wonders! I'm holding up a few that come to mind in their CD/album form! Do you remember Spiders And Snakes by Jim Stafford, Chevy Van by Sammy Johns, Brandy by Looking Glass and Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks? I had another one I was gonna post but I can only hold onto four CDs at a time and that one was The Night Chicago Died by Paper Lace! All standards from those old K-Tel records! If you can think of anymore, I'd be obliged to hear about them from you! And oh yeah...I'm wearing the mask so you don't catch my bad case of "Rockin' Pneumonia." 
















  Oh...and before I go...there is one more thing I need to get off my chest!  They say that overkill is redundant!  That less is more!  I totally agree!  That is why I only post at least once or less a week a blog on here!  Now let me drown in peace! 

It's All About The Music...Don't You Know?
Posted On 02/21/2020 18:02:58

  Ok...here we are...the battle of the bands! It's 1976 and two albums were released that year that can't out do each other! I'm talking about Fleetwood Mac- Rumours and Eagles-Hotel California! Talk about two classic albums! So the big question is which of these two albums would you choose over the other? I know it's gonna be one of the hardest questions you'll ever have to answer! Over all for me it's gonna be Rumours just by a hair margin! Although I enjoy both albums if I had to choose...that would be it! So what do you know? Did you grow up with these two classic albums? Let me know what you think? I hate thinking alone!...lol

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  There are a lot of secrets when it comes to music! And I have a lot to tell you but today I'm gonna focus on the year 1976 where this double album sat at #1 for 10 weeks! Of course I'm talking about Frampton Comes Alive! by Peter Frampton! And yeah...I was all of 16 years old! It still is one of the biggest selling live albums to this day! Kiss-Alive is another one! Frampton Comes Alive! produced such top 10 hits as Show Me The Way, Baby I Love Your Way and Do You Feel Like We Do? Now here's the secret part...it got a sequel 31 years later in 2007 called of course what else but Frampton Comes Alive II.

  It continues really where the first one left off with live versions from his later albums including the hits I'm In You, Lying and Day In The Sun! This new album or should I say CD comes with a second disc with new updated live versions from the original album of 1976. They sound better and different! Of course Frampton is older and has short hair...or maybe it's thinning a bit, but don't we all?...lol Peter Frampton is considered one of the top 100 guitarists in the world according to Rolling Stone Magazine!

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Cupid's Arrow Is Strumming A Guitar String!
Posted On 02/14/2020 13:01:28

  Well, since it's Valentine's Day I thought I would post some really powerful love songs that I think are quite good! Now mind you...every song that is written has some kind of love behind it...even Love Stinks by The J. Geils Band! ...lol

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  I have four picks that we all grew up with! I'm going with (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams, When I'm With You by Sheriff, Love Of A Lifetime by Firehouse and More Than Words by Extreme! These are some of my favorites and I know I just scraped the surface! How could I forget I Will always Love You by Whitney Houston/Dolly Parton, or even Is This Love by Whitesnake you are going to say? Anyway...this is where you come in! If you have a favorite here that I picked out or if you have one of your own...I'm all ears! I'd like to know what you think is one of the greatest love songs ever! Don't be shy! Happy Valentine's Day!

















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