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10/22/2017 22:59:37

Hi, sweet bud:) Hope you had a nice Sunday. Is your fence up now? You will feel secure, and what a blessing that wee critters will stay away from roads. We've been having a slow, soaking rain all evening, to get 1" before it's done. Goodie. Still no color on leaves... just turning brown and falling. My one 'barometer', the red maple, may have 2 red leaves, but nothing like the display it's known for. I've heard of no color hot-spots in our area of the state at all. Boo, certainly!  All is accomplished re: Glenn's bro, and DH is doing okay. Have a great and happy new week, my dear Beth. *hugs* and love...

10/22/2017 10:31:53

thought i would fly by to say happy sunday...hugs

10/22/2017 08:28:30

Good morning,

Looks like a beautiful fall day here with temps going up to near 80. then some rain to start off the week
Hope you have a great day whatever you have planned. Hugs,Rhonda

10/22/2017 08:19:01


10/21/2017 23:54:32

Have a nice weekend. Hugs! Rosie

10/21/2017 19:42:36

And a happy weekend to you, Beth!  Hugs, Maria


10/21/2017 15:30:01

It’s been such a beautiful Saturday for me, Beth. Dave and I have been working outside all afternoon. Just finished up a few minutes ago and we are tired. But it’s the best kind of tired; fresh air and yard work are good things. Dave is going to run to a local Italian restaurant and get us sandwiches for supper in a bit so there won’t be any cooking happening here tonight. Enjoy your evening.

Sunny Smiles~


10/21/2017 14:54:43

It's not six yet but looking like the sun is trying very hard to make an appearance. I hope so.
I know we need rain but a little bit of sunshine is nice too.
Have a great weekend Beth.
Hugs ...

10/21/2017 13:36:19

Back atcha.. Huggles

Enlarge photo 4

Hello Anne, have a blessed and beautiful weekend! hugs, Beth


10/21/2017 12:28:54

Wonderful new tag!!! Love it, love it, sweet bud! You'll have such fun making more and more, Beffie!  And this layout is wonderful... the wee spookie:) Love you muchly!

10/21/2017 10:51:13

Another lovely sunny warm day here.....temp to get up to 72F here this pm. Unusual for this time of year here but getting no complaints from me.Hugs,Di

10/21/2017 09:13:49

A happy, sunny, wonderful, fun Saturday to YOU, Beth!

Hugs, Nancy

10/21/2017 08:20:59

happy caturday...hugs

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