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10/21/2018 09:28:38

Are you having a good weekend, I hope? Ours has been great. Went to our daughter Melanie's to see her and take her get-well cupcakes and, while there, our youngest daughter and two of her kids came by and so did my sister. It was a mini reunion! Today we will watch football and just chill. Hope you find time for relaxing, too. Beth, what a great idea to donate your firewood to the Christian ministry for their bbqs. You know they will appreciate that so much. Something good coming from something not good at all. 

Warm hugs~


10/21/2018 08:58:07

Have a sweet Sunday, bud. Very glad things are looking up in your part of Fla. It's in low 40s this morning and I'm drinking it all in:) It was supposed to get in high 30's overnight, but I wasn't up THAT early. lol  High today 62º! Be Still My Heart. *hugs*

10/21/2018 06:17:33

10/21/2018 05:02:20

Halloween is coming and Bubba and Lil G are getting excited. I hope you have a great Sunday my dear friend filled with peace,  love and many blessings. Hugs,  Yvette xoxo

10/21/2018 01:33:19


Hi Beth. Thank you so much for the Congrats. It is gratefully appreciated. 

I can imagine the endless work involved in cleaning the yard and repairing the damage caused by that Hurricane. You must all be so tired and worn out especially if the humidity is still hanging around. Do you find that its time like this neighbours and friends help each other out if they possibly can?  I daresay this is not the first time you have experienced the wrath of a Hurricane living where you do but the majority of the time its average conditions and peaceful.

Our weather is continuing to be up and down like a 'Yoyo' with one fine warm day followed by wind, misty rain and cold.  I'm thinking that Summer will arrive with a vengeance.

Now must be off as have visitors just arriving. Hugs Pat.

10/20/2018 12:38:56

Like your punkins Beth. Happy Saturday. Hugs! Rosie

10/20/2018 11:16:40

Good morning brought a cup of coffee for you .

 photo imageedit_5_3372748516gif444_zpsef63a687.gif

Have a great day hug

10/20/2018 11:10:14

Hello weekend , how are you ? Hope
yours is great . Still spotty rains going on on & flooding in some
areas . Flood gates have been opened in the areas because of record
levels .Having a community get together at the park today with food ,
crafts & music hoping the rain stays away for a time . Enjoy your
weekend & for those of you where the temps are brrrr keep your feet warm......George

Weekend image 1

10/20/2018 10:19:13

Beth777 wrote:

10/20/2018 09:52:31

for your Congrats, bud:) *hugs*

10/20/2018 09:41:18

Happy Saturday to you as well, Beth.  Yes it is a beautiful day and I will pass the sunshine to you if you need it.  Hugs, Janay

Beth777 wrote:

Good Morning Janay, happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is lovely.

10/20/2018 09:20:47

G'mornin', bud. Any changes on family w/o power? No one --who has never had extended power loss-- knows what hardship that is. We are a spoiled people:) It's cloudy, 61º and 95% soggy. Have a delightful day, sweetie... Loveya!

10/20/2018 08:27:29
Good Morning Beth  
Love and Laughter, Janay

10/20/2018 02:04:34

I'm sorry to hear you sustained damage in the hurricane.  We had 3  hurricanes in 3 years that we lived  in FL.  All upseting and devastating.  Hugs, Laurie


10/19/2018 08:23:21

Sweet li'l owl faces, aren't they... even antlers!:) How glad we are some ppl are so artistic. Hope you're having fun back online! I just know it would be like having an arm removed at the shoulder to be w/o access:) Your page is so neat, bud... more cute li'l faces! Hope you finish w/your dusting today. That's my very least cleaning thing to do. Prolly because it needs it again 4hrs later. Have fun, you deserve it, sweetie... loveya!

10/19/2018 01:54:27

Yes, it is bright ... you need your sunnies on when you come to visit with me. lol

Ahh Beth, you would need nerves of steel to live where you do.
Mother Nature is the one element that we have no control over.
So pleased that you are okay.
My week has been quiet but good.
We actually have sunshine today after continuous rain for days.
Much needed rain and good soaking, gentle rain.

Hoping you have your regular internet back.

Sending love and hugs ....

10/18/2018 19:25:37

Hey Beth - I know it's been a while, but I have been so tied up - think I told you we were going to Texas for a 4 day conference for Rich for the FRA - we drove out and back and couldn't turn off the truck on the second day home because of a bad battery, so we drove 16 hours straight not daring to turn the truck off.  Then I had to go to Jersey as there was drama going on there - so that was quick 3 day trip.  Tues. we had new kitchen floors put in and hardwoods in the dining room.  Then yesterday new carpet was put down in the living room and bedroom and up the stairs.  Soooo - I have been pretty busy.  We had to pick up and move everything in all 4 rooms - worse than moving as things are all over the extra 2 bedrooms.  They did move all the furniture, but of course they had to be cleared of stuff.  We have no idea where things are and are going to take our time putting things back (and get rid of things too - yeah!!!)

I like all your smiling pumpkings and hope you have been well and had all good days in the past week.  Have a good nite and sleep well.

Pumpkin Hugs,


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