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01/23/2019 10:01:10

After the deep freeze and 13 inches of snow, we are now headed to 36 temp today with flood warnings.  Was out to visit a friend late yesterday afternoon and until I left the roads were drifting badly.  It rained   overnight so now have ice and melting snow. It's a mess out there.  Hope your weather is a little more friendly!  Enjoy your day : )  Hugs, Nancy

01/23/2019 07:52:54

Guess what day it is ? Some of you
are really getting to know old man winter the way it looks . We've had
some cool stuff but not like some .Hope you & yours are doing well
& again , keep your feet warm......George

its wednesday happy hump day

01/23/2019 07:38:56


01/23/2019 07:30:59

we got snow yesterday, not a whole lot but enough to make everything white and pretty...wishing you a lovely day...hugs

01/23/2019 07:24:18

A very windy, wet Wednesday will be ours today, and yours, too? Love this sweet pink page, bud... just beautiful! it's Valentine time already. Now honestly, can you believe that? haha Have a wonderful humpday. Love you...

01/22/2019 23:18:12

Gonna have one nice day this week, Wow! happy Wednesday. Hugs! Rosie

 photo ice skates winter.gif

01/22/2019 22:50:21

Adorable Valentine Dog

01/22/2019 22:49:51

Beth777 wrote:

Good Morning Jackie, your page is beautiful. I love this set!  What have you been up to? Have you gotten tons of snow? No snow down here of course but rain on the way then turning colder. That suits me fine. Yesterday was Nat'l Pooh day so we had a small tea party outside in observance. We and ginger-lemon tea with honey and some sugar cookies that I made.  Lily is 9 and a big Pooh Lover like me.  Katelyn is 6 and Tigger is her favorite.  All the stuffed Poohs and Tiggers came to the tea party as well. There were 6 in all and 4 of us humans.    We had pleasant temps yesterday so it was good day for a picnic outside. Hope you're keeping warm. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  big hugs, Beth

Awww I did happen to hear it was Pooh Day!!  And what fun was your Pooh celebraton tea party outdoors with your grandaughters!!  That tea with the Honey of couse and those sugar cookes sounded so delicious.  So much fun being a grandma as i will very soon be finding out :D  Yes, we do have lots of snow.  Snow for days haha.  Had to do some shoveling today so the mail person could come up the walkway and up a few steps to my mailbox.  That is life and fun in the North haha.  This too shall pass and athen will complain how hot is in the summer lol.  Hope you did not get too much rain.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  Big hugs,  Jackie 

01/22/2019 18:50:54

Have a Wonderful Evening !

01/22/2019 16:42:36

soave background transparent winter vintage gothic blue pictures

The sun is shinning and the sky is blue, the birds are filling their tummies at the feeder so I will just ignore the COLD. COLD, COLD temps and frozen edges around the lake. God Bless, Anne    

01/22/2019 16:37:25

Image result for crystalscomments

This is not the one I chose. Sorry. I love the lady bug. Long story but I see one every week since our daughter passed 5 1/2 years ago.We called her our Lady bug

01/22/2019 14:06:32

Still *#*# cold for us.  Car creaks like an old jalopy -  luckily it's new and the battery is strong.  Bundled up so much I can barely see outa my clothes  :) :) :Oooo....

Enlarge photo 16  Anne

01/22/2019 13:08:52

I drink peppermint tea also and does help digestion I think xo

01/22/2019 12:31:58


Cute page!

01/22/2019 10:53:25

Good day Beth. Moving slow, but we are slowly warming up. High will be 40. Only reached 37 yesterday. Just now eating lunch, then over next door to check on neighbor. Rain moves in tomorrow. Making hamburger helper tonight. Quick and easy. Enjoy the day bud -:)

01/22/2019 10:20:42

It is a cold, sunny Tuesday for me. A really pretty day so far. What is going on with you today, Beth? You mentioned doctor appointments and I hope they are just routine visits! I cleaned house yesterday...it had been neglected for a week so it was begging me to find my motivation and my dustcloth! hehe Whatever you're up to, enjoy the day!

Happy hugs~


01/22/2019 10:08:57
Love and Laughter, Janay

01/22/2019 08:04:14


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