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08/14/2018 02:48:16

I had a great weekend and a lovely day with friends today.
Tomorrow is another catchup day but with a difference. Peter and I have been part of a survey that covers what it is like to live in Australia today. We've had the same lady interview us for years, so now it's like having a friend come to visit and one who knows way more about us than most of our friends. lol

I've sent this little fellow to you and hope that his little rain dance works for you.

Stay cool Beth.

Luv and hugs ...

08/13/2018 22:29:38

08/13/2018 22:29:02

Beth777 wrote:

Hi Jackie, congrats on the new baby! How exciting. I became a Nana at 42. I couldn't handle any version of grandma so that's why I'm Nana. lol. My granddaughter Abby lives in Missouri, a long way from here for sure. we are warm and steamy down here with rain each day that helps to cool us off some. I'm thankful for it too. The wind is already blowing down some yellow leaves so it won't be long. My new fridge was finally delivered by Lowe's at 8 last night. I had no idea they delivered so late in the day. My old one is leaking freon but is still functioning fairly well. We are donating it to a Christan ministry. It is 15 years old and I felt like it was a matter of time before it put us down. Hope your weekend is good, whatever you're up to. Lots of hugs, Beth

Hello Beth and thank you thank you!!  And I know what you mean about the name grandma and you at 42 was young!  I am leaning towards Grandma J or Grandma Jackie hehe.  But we have a long way to go til February so I will see what fits best lol.  Oh my wow your grandaughter lives in Missouri.  I bet she loves coming to Florida to visit!  I will live just a short flying distance to my new grand in NYC.  I think it is about 7 hours to drive it as it is clear across NY state.   Wow i cannot believe you got your new fridge delivered at 8 at night either.  I can see around the holidays maybe.  Hope you are enjoying the new one and nice you are donating your old.  I love my side by side white fridge.  Always wanted one and am so happy with it.  Am sending some cool thoughts your way even though it is still warm here.  Take care and hugs,  Jackie 

08/13/2018 14:47:13
Hugs and Smiles, Janay

08/13/2018 14:35:59

you have a good weekend? Mine was fantastic. Are we ever really ready
for Monday? I hope your week is great, that your weather is good, and
that you accomplish all you need to! Beth, I am honored to be like minded with you! Funny how there are some people we meet here who feel more like kindred spirits than cyber friends!!

Many hugs~


08/13/2018 13:53:08

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My Friend I Sure Hope You Are Having A Good Day,I Had A Doctors Appointment With My Heart Doc. Today,It Is Raining Out It At Least Cooled It Down Some,Love & Hugs Lillie

08/13/2018 13:35:10

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hope your day is going well...hugs

08/13/2018 10:43:19

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08/13/2018 09:55:22

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Have A ''GREAT WEEK'' Beth Enjoy!

Have a good one!



08/13/2018 09:21:47

The weekend was a blur..hubby cooked stuffed peppers last night with homemade mashed taters...leftovers here too. Laundry is done, and I need to get up and moving soon. Mornings and me just don’t blend, but got to take Dixie out in a few. Haven’t seen anymore snakes since Aug 3, but I am very alert when outdoors. But know they are out there-:(  Love your background here..feel free to use my page as a testing site 24-7 -:) Enjoy the day my frie

08/13/2018 08:47:37

would love to see some pic of your old farmhouse! xo

08/13/2018 08:40:45

Greetings, bud. I guess it's my imagination that Fall is just around the corner, as temps and humidity (93%) are just as high. lol Today begins the "to-do" list of prep for the 21st. What are you plans for the week? Whatever they are, enjoy, sweetie, and have a delightful today. Love you...

08/13/2018 06:19:50

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