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09/24/2017 11:02:33

Hi my dear friend
I hope you have had a blessed Sunday Also, 
I pray you have a really lovely day today, 
filled with much happiness, love

09/23/2017 17:22:18

09/22/2017 15:26:51

And may this weekend 
be filled with happiness,
love and peace. :)'s Jo

09/20/2017 17:14:00

Hello my dear friend ...

I hope you are doing well ...

I was really recently occupied

with the new home and more ...

now I am in the role of "bleach"

i do really it now lol

thank you for all your beautiful

comments and friendship

have a good evening Hugs Jo

09/20/2017 14:45:26

Hi dear Bill. Just know you and Mary on in my prayers. I named this one Autumn's Child, Wishing you a Beautiful Day in all kinds of ways . Love and Hugs Connie

09/11/2017 14:04:07

09/08/2017 16:33:04

That is for you  a magical evening,
full of life, love and smiles!
Good evening my friend! 
Hugs & :)'s Jo

09/06/2017 05:31:20

09/02/2017 08:14:56

<center>Oh dear Bill ... I'm really sorry to hear that your wife is getting worse ... if I lived near you I would help you take care of her and believe me, I would have done this with my whole heart but i can only send you all my comfort and embrace and tell you not to give up and smile always at her .. even if she does not know you anymore.. she know the meaning of a beautiful smile "yours".
Take care of you Bill and may God bless you always 
 I send you a stron hug .. your friend forever Jo


m: Bill194409/01/2017 10:55:50

Sugar_Baby wrote:

Thanks Jo for the Good Wishes, but unfortuniately lately, it hasn't been that way around here. Mary seems to be deteriorating quickly these last several weeks and usually cries and feels lost  in the mornings when I wake her up. I am getting shy of waking her because I don't know what I am going to get.I want to be strong for her, but when she is crying and I can't comfort her, I feel like I am failing her., and that shouldn't be..Any way, Thanks Again for the well wishesHave a Great Weekend.HUG'S  & :-)'s Bill

09/02/2017 07:47:47


 HUGS & :)'S JO

08/30/2017 19:15:33


That your dreams are 

sweet and serene my dear friend.

 Good night  hugs & :)'s Jo<br>

08/28/2017 11:11:13

Good start of the week my dear friend

I hope it's for you a fantastic sunny day,

unexpected novelties, 

and filled with joy and great things ... 

but if nothing of this is going to be 

that it will full of affection
from the people you love.

Big hugs & :)'s Jo

08/27/2017 03:54:25

08/25/2017 14:13:08

08/17/2017 17:26:53

Hi my dear friend ....

I had another wonderful start to the week and

I'm sure I will also have a wonderful weekend ...

and Oh yes Tomorrow is Friday so 

be  happy my friend

And let yourself go in an unbridled dance ...

Wish you a good evening hugs Jo

08/16/2017 17:19:43

08/14/2017 16:10:15


Hi my dear friend Bill, I wanted to thank you

  For all the comments ..
I really appreciated all these ...

In recent days I had fever but it is also true that

I'm healed soon because "my prince"
that is the most wonderful person in this world
has taken care of me every single day.
as it is said "he was my best medicine"

now i feel really well..
thank again and thank you for being an true friend

 I wish you a wonderful afternoon / evening

  Lots to hugs Jo

08/12/2017 17:59:32

Have a  good night My friend Hugs Lynnie

08/11/2017 17:36:36

Have a nice weekend Hugs Lynnie

08/11/2017 10:02:57

Good morning my dear friend,
it's Friday be happy and dance ;)
 Hugs & :)'s Jo 

08/10/2017 17:34:37


Wish you a magical evening .. big hugs Jo

08/09/2017 17:38:16

Hope you had a nice Wednesday Bill Hugs Lynnie

08/09/2017 16:03:55


Hello my dear friend Bill... 

I hope you are having a week full of 

love,laughs and joy like mine  ... 

Have a good evening hugs & :) 's Jo

08/08/2017 20:01:11

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08/08/2017 17:59:42

Have a good night Hugs Lynnie

08/07/2017 04:34:39

08/06/2017 17:02:43

08/06/2017 16:06:00

And thank you for being my friend...
Big hugs Jo <br>

08/03/2017 17:38:17

 My friend Bill You have beautiful phoots on here  Lynnie

08/03/2017 17:33:40

Have a nice evening  Bill I cant see your page good at all I have those boxes of Photobucket so it takes away my Photos and dont even belong to thast I have complained to them 3 times now they dont do nothing about it Im getting ready to go off this sight  Lynnie

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