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01/29/2023 11:43:46

01/29/2023 11:17:35

Hello, enjoy, this beautiful Sunday, and a good start

to the week, have a good time

great take care,kisses,maria

01/29/2023 10:40:53

we got about a foot of snow last night...it's so pretty out! hope your sunday is happy...much love marykay

01/28/2023 21:17:53

The movie was really good Di and like you said - free is the best considering wht it cost to see one in a theater these days.  If you get the chance, see it for yourself.  Don't know if you ever saw the first AVATAR but if you didn't you would enjoy this one.  Just bring a comfy pillow to sit on and something to drink!!!   Hugs Wendy

Have A Good Night Sleep Well

01/28/2023 18:42:50

evening did nothing today.,

had a dish of ice cream  for dinner and 24 oz of water

hope you had a good day and a great weekend

01/28/2023 10:58:47

hello, enjoy, this beautiful, saturday, have a good time

Great, take care of yourself, in Spain, it's very 

cold, take care of yourself


01/28/2023 10:41:55

01/28/2023 10:13:55

my early morning visiter..

01/28/2023 09:32:08

Good Morning Di, happy weekend!

01/27/2023 16:39:47

How's your Friday going Di?  I hope yours is going well so far and you got out to get out to do your errands.  It's a birght sunny day here with a temp of 49.  Went with honey to get a new flag as the last storm tore ours up.  Can't wait to see how it looks tonite with the new solar light I bought him for his birthday.  Going out with friends to the Moose then hopefully to the American Legion to see the new Avatar movie  they are showing for free including popcorn.  That's a first and real nice.  Have a good rest of the day and evening Di.  Take care out in that snow!!!   Hugs, Wendy

Happy Friday Picture

01/27/2023 10:53:33

Hello, this weekend you can do what you have always

wanted, enjoy it to the fullest, take advantage

of every minute or to rest or to occupy yourself with 

something that makes you get out of the routine

take care,kisses,maria

01/27/2023 10:45:07

01/27/2023 10:07:27

01/27/2023 09:26:08

01/27/2023 09:24:43

Hello Di, happy weekend!

01/27/2023 09:15:29

01/27/2023 06:26:59


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