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09/20/2017 19:38:18


09/20/2017 17:13:43

Hello my dear friend ...

I hope you are doing well ...

I was really recently occupied

with the new home and more ...

now I am in the role of "bleach"

i do really it now lol

thank you for all your beautiful

comments and friendship

have a good evening Hugs Jo

09/19/2017 02:41:28

09/14/2017 22:23:50


09/11/2017 14:03:55

09/11/2017 10:22:08

09/11/2017 10:21:40

09/07/2017 07:39:09

09/07/2017 07:38:41

09/03/2017 16:35:04

I thought I'd get out

and take a ride through

the Hills. Just stopping by

your house to say hello. 

Hugs, Bree

09/02/2017 07:47:34

Rainy day by DiZa-74

 HUGS & :)'S JO

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09/01/2017 19:42:42

Hello Dear Friend,

I think friends are one of God's

greatest gifts. I have friends

that are like family and family

that are my best friends.And how

wonderful it is to have on-line

friends who are just a 'click'

away when you need them...


08/30/2017 00:40:30

 photo Hugs Bree bear_zps8b8fcwtq.jpg

08/28/2017 11:10:58

Good start of the week my dear friend

I hope it's for you a fantastic sunny day,

unexpected novelties, 

and filled with joy and great things ... 

but if nothing of this is going to be 

that it will full of affection
from the people you love.

Big hugs & :)'s Jo

08/25/2017 14:12:52

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08/21/2017 11:26:29
Have a nice day
and great week!


08/14/2017 16:09:48

Hi my dear friend, I wanted to thank you

  For all the comments ..
I really appreciated all these ...

In recent days I had fever but it is also true that

I'm healed soon because "my prince"
that is the most w
onderful person in this world
has taken care o
f me every single day.
it is said "he was my best medicine"

now i feel really well..
thank again and thank you for being an true friend

 I wish you a wonderful afternoon / evening

  Lots to hugs Jo

08/09/2017 16:03:30


Hello my dear friend ... 

I hope you are having a week full of 

love,laughs and joy like mine  ... 

Have a good evening hugs & :) 's Jo

08/06/2017 16:05:39

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And thank you for being my friend...
Big hugs Jo

07/29/2017 14:16:30


07/25/2017 11:04:43

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07/20/2017 16:51:47

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07/19/2017 09:24:01

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07/08/2017 16:13:59

Hello my friend ...
Have a grrrr romantic Saturday evening..
 Hugs & :)'s Jo

07/05/2017 07:27:03

07/04/2017 16:06:11


07/04/2017 09:52:59

Spiritual Patriotic Message for 4th of July Independence Day

America the beautiful 

May it always stay that way;

But to keep "Old Glory" flying,

There's a price that we must pay.

For everything worth having 

Demands work and sacrifice,

And freedom is a Gift from God 

That commands the highest price.

For all our wealth and progress 

Are as worthless as can be,

Without the Faith that made us great

And kept our country free.

Spiritual Patriotic Message for 4th of July Independence Day

Nor can our nation hope to live 

Unto itself alone;

For the problems of our neighbors,

Must today become our own.

And while it's hard to understand 

The complexities of war,

Each one of us must realize 

That we are fighting for.

The principles of freedom 

And the decency of man,

And as a Christian nation 

We're committed to God's Plan.

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And as the Land of Liberty 

And a great God-fearing nation.

We must protect our honor 

And fulfill our obligation.

So in these times of crisis 

Let us offer no resistance,

In giving help to those who need 

Our strength and our assistance.

And "The Stars and Stripes Forever"

Will remain a symbol of 

A rich and mighty nation 

Built on Faith and Truth and Love.

Spiritual Patriotic Message for 4th of July Independence Day

07/03/2017 09:40:37

06/29/2017 16:29:05

Sugar Baby  GIF

Have a magical evening my friend...
 Hugs Jo

06/27/2017 15:47:41

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