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Intersting Computer Site
Posted On 04/13/2017 13:18:18

For several weeks, I have been "checking in" on April, the giraffe, who is expected to drop her calf, soon. Actually, the folks began watching in February, but I started 2 weeks ago. It is fun to see April, her habits and movements in her pen and going outside and to see Oliver, the male giraffe, pacing in the pen next to her. She is gentle with the staff, who clean her pen and always have carrots for her as treats.

If you want to relax, while the world goes on around you, try www.aprilthegiraffe.com   and see if you also, find it interesting.

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Rain,Rain, lots of rain
Posted On 10/03/2015 08:10:00

I don't know where YOU live,  but here, in MD, we are having rain - thanks to a Nor'eastern and a hurricane far off shore. Where I live, we are fortunate - no potential  loss of lives or homes due to extreme flooding, but the Eastern part of the state- like many other states - is experiencing this. College football games are played on Saturdays and some of those, played on real grass (not artificial turf) will be having mud on their fields. Those watching the games won't be able to tell who is who with their uniforms covered with mud. As the rain falls here, the temperature has dropped. This morning, it is 48º, which feels good after a summer of heat and humidity(to me!)

Still, there is no reason to complain - the hurricane stayed out to sea making the flooding and damage to the coast much less. What it means is that we have something else to talk about - not the summer heat complaints - and that is great. One remembers all the folks, along the coast, in one's prayers and thanks God for His care and constant place in our lives.

Today, I will knit and watch TV to see how muddy it really becomes in the games played on real grass, and I will enjoy seeing emails on my computer. I plan to make a "comfort" casserole, using things in the kitchen cupboards and freezer- something that will simmer for a long time and fill the house with a delicious scent! Anticipating the first forkful will be fun, all day.  So if you are also experiencing these wet days, think positive. Others are experiencing worse things. Be glad that the shrubs, trees, lakes etc. are being rejuvenated by it.  Now, to get busy around here, starting the casserole. Have a great weekend! We are alive!!!!

Have You Heard from ???
Posted On 04/13/2015 09:12:29

I am certain I am not the only person - there must be more folks, who miss their blogs, stories, contacts. But, how do we find out if they are "there" - in cyber space, somewhere, some country? Are they ill, busy with their lives, taking trips, etc? How do we know?

I have "met" via NOAH and known them by what they write for us.I have enjoyed hearing of vacations, families, remembered events and/or life experiences, tales that cause one to smile, while reading them. If the reader is less active than the writer, they feel(after reading the blog) that they too were experiencing things with them. I have been saddened by the pets that have gone "over the rainbow bridge", the tender memories of folks remembered in a person's life, the humor of the tricks played on another, etc.

An example, for me, is Emom101, and her blogs.She not only wrote with humor, but even shared pictures with us, of her many animals, antiques, paintings, landscapes etc. She wrote in such a way that one could mentally visualize that which she related to us. She played tricks on others and let us laugh with her, when it happened to her. I would read each of her blogs with anticipation - wondering what she would next create for us to read. It has been several months, since she last wrote. She had been ill, her computer decided to malfunction, but she "pulled it together" enough to send another humorous blog, via an answer to me. I posted it for all of you to see. I may never know how she is, where she is, etc., but I wanted her to know what joy she added to my morning checks of the computer each day.  The rest of you - your blogs have made a mark on other folks' lives, enlightening them or "lifting" their spirits. If you haven't had responses, perhaps it is because the folks don't know "how" to do it, and/or don't understand the wonderful feeling received, when one sees a response.  I appreciate all your writings or blogs, and I am glad I found NOAH, in 2008. Keep  the "doors" open,  the lines humming, and know you are appreciated. jane

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THoughts of an 85 yr. old
Posted On 03/27/2015 07:21:32

Happy Palm Sunday weekend! One of my favorite celebrations in our church. It is a "happy" day, and always brought out Palm trees(small) into the church, and the music was very upbeat. Easter Sunday was nice, but it was somber, to start, after Good Friday. As a child, and even to this day, I love to sing and hear that hymn with the refrain,"Up from the grave He arose!"  I remember asking my Dad (the minister) why we wore newer bright clothes at Easter - wasn't that bad?  He replied no, that celebrating Christ's rising was part of our religion and that Christ would like folks dressing in their best and colorful clothing. As children, we had new clothes to wear- Mother made new dresses for my sister and me, and my brother would have new knickers, shirt, tie etc. I see folks going to church, on TV, and I find they dress differently - but hey, they are enjoying their fellowship with their fellow parishioners.  Times change, and I am glad some memories persist.

That brings my second thought- Recently, I learned of an friend having Altzheimer's. She no longer "knows" even her husband. This and Dementia happen without warning - no definite pattern for all because each is varied. It could happen to any of us, at any time - that we could no longer express our thoughts and feelings to others. PLEASE, each day, take the time to express your appreciation of each person who is in your life, so they know your feelings. A kind thank you for something done in the past, that meant a lot to you, is appropriate, remembering things done with the other person that were enjoyable to each, giving positive responses to a person to let them know their worth - and  for goodness sakes- deliberately forget the mean spirited things you have kept in a corner of your brain. Use that space to remember positive things- things that make you and others smile. There can be a day, when due to a stroke, or the above diagnoses when one cannot communicate with others. Wouldn't you like to be remembered as a friendly, caring, loving person, rather than one who never demonstrated those characteristics? I hope I haven't offended any folks by my suggestions, but being almost 85 and still able to think and communicate, I am trying to follow my suggestion every day in my interaction with my family, relatives, etc.  jane

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Unexpected happenings
Posted On 02/15/2015 11:12:37

What a delightful,unexpected week I  have had! I  do  want to thank all fhe folks who chose me to be a "featured member" but I don't know what "feature" I  have, that deserves recognition. The fun of seeing the posts that were sent, each day - what a nice surprise. Add to that a week of unexpected phone calls from friends (even one that I had thought died 10 years ago!), and then Valentine's Day. Some of you may know that I have 6 sons (got my daughters the easy way- the boys married.).They and their father often said that Valentine's Day was a commercial way for Hallmark and other card companies to make "profit" but being a sentimental girl, I always have enjoyed the day. Rather than buying cards,  I  have sent email cards for years, to the boys etc. I have fun doing that. On Valentine's Day, not only did I  hear from 5 of my boys(either by phone or in person) but I received a "Valentine's Box", created  by a church in the town, who does this annually. A community member had given them my name for a "delivery" and as a result,I received a box that had 2 oranges,2 delicious apples,bananas, packages of  pudding, snack crackers , and a bit of candy!  I tell you this so you will realize what YOUR acts of kindness do for others - YOU receive by doing them  and THE PERSON receives joy. THat is what makes life interesting - just look, really see what is in front of your eyes, and be grateful for these  gifts. THAT is LIVING to  the fullest. It is Sabbath,  the temperature is 7º and the wind chill makes  it -3, right now,  because the wind has stopped blowing. Have a good day - jane

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Message from Emom via Jane
Posted On 01/29/2015 08:06:14

of NOTH - God Bless - jane 

Hey Brat!  Thanx so much for the kind and sweet remarks...I have been seriously under the weather and then came the flu!  lolol  May I mention that I don't recommend the ''flu'' to anyone any age.  Did I just say that??? lolol  Am doing better and I WILL be back (thank you Arnold)  If you wouldn't mind, could you please just let everybody know that I am still breathing/recovering.  I'm sure I'll find something amusing to say.  love and hugs... meems

NOW we know why Emom hasn't been in touch with any of us!! The GERMS invaded her home and had their "way" with her! Thank goodness she is of "good stock" and survived the medical problems.  jane s.

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Posted On 12/01/2014 09:57:15

Dear Friends, I have read, as often as possible, the blogs that various ones of you have posted, over the past 5+years, enjoying the experience. Yet I, who have had the opportunity, haven't "reached out" in the same manner. today, is the day!

Like everyone else, time has changed my visions

Made me desire or need less "exciting" things.

Since I have given up driving my car,

I wish that I had a pair of 'wings'.

My sight was great, my hearing "the best"

in my youth and early years of parenthood.

Now the vision is blurred, harder to read or write

And I hear some of the words, wish I heard all I could.

It comes with age - ah yes, I have heard that

I thought I would just keep on going "full tilt"

But life changes and abilites dwindle

So that personal expectations 'wilt'.

This year, I haven't decided what I will do

About decorating for the "season"

Perhaps I will just get out items that are memories

That give the "season" a reason.

No matter what, when I read, you all

Enjoy and create your lives and days,

I realize how fortunate I too,am

And how blest in many ways!

Thank you for the site, the folks, the memories you awaken in each person,  who reads and participates in "Not Over the Hill".

Good Morning
Posted On 04/19/2014 07:44:40

Good Morning to all. I want to express my appreciation of all your blogs, through this year. I enjoy reading them,learning something new in each one.

This is Easter weekend - a time for reflection, hope and beginning to "bloom" for another year. Like flowers, we all have periods of germination,"under cover"when we develop ideas, directions of life,etc. Then we "sprout",being daring, and take small steps to become part of the world. Time continues and we become "blooming" individuals, with our own ideas, our own direction of life,our own contribution to life. With time, the bloom fades, but is remembered by its contribution to life. Eventually, it goes back to earth. As with the message of Easter, we have the hope of resurrection. Best we make good use of our talents, remember who made them possible, and praise God that His Son is Risen.

I have enjoyed all the pictures, music, messages, humor - all  have made a contribution to who I am - and I thank all of you!!  Happy Easter.

Be Aware
Posted On 02/27/2014 06:29:40

Recently, a TV station told about pharmacies automaticallly filling RXs and charging them on our RX insurance, even if we have never picked them up. It was a wake up call for me. I didn't know they had a policy of doing that and on checking my Medicare RX insurance's monthly report, I found one such charge. I will call today to have my name taken off their "auto-fill" list, so that doesn't happen again. It is especially true in "chain-pharmacies, the program said. Perhaps you too, would lke to check on yours, if you live in the United States.

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