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Count Our Blessings
Posted On 11/22/2019 05:47:46

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Gathering around the table on Turkey Day

Hands joined together heads bowed to pray

Giving thanks for the food we share

And to our families who show they care

Be aware of how fortunate we are

Think of people in lands afar

To combat hunger is their plea

And to live in peace and harmony

So as we consume our turkey and dressing

Let's be thankful and count our blessings

In the land of the free we celebrate

Our Thanksgiving with love not hate


Tags: Poetry

Turning of the Leaves
Posted On 09/06/2019 05:27:22

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Autumn chill is in the air

Trees rustling excitedly in the breeze

Fading light of summer sky

Bringing calm and peace

Beauty of the colours

Enrichment all around

Shimmering gold and shades of red

Fluttering softly to the ground

Changing of the season

A wonder to perceive

Nature in its splendour

The turning of the leaves


Tags: Poetry

Posted On 08/02/2019 12:34:55

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Butterflies roam free

Wildflowers they do seek

Alighting each delicate petal

On which to rest their tiny feet

Eagles soar into the sky

In search of unsuspecting prey

Maintaining life's intricate balance

It is just nature's way

Apple mango tea

Sipped from a china cup

Soothing for the soul

To lift the spirits up

Unicorns are magical creatures

Their beauty undefined

Gliding through one's imagination

Pure fantasy comes to mind

Time is of the essence

A precious commodity

Utilize it wisely

Let your dreams run free

Inspiration comes from different sources

Allowing creative juices to flow

Adding beauty and enrichment to our lives

By design, art, poetry and so

Flowers planted in an ornamental garden

Nourished with tender loving care

Producing an array of amazing colours

For everyone to share

Unconditional friendship

From the heart so freely gifted

Always there in time of need

Until the darkened clouds be lifted

Love and romance needed

To captivate one's heart

An indescribable feeling

Don't even know where to start


Tags: Poetry

Circle of Friends
Posted On 07/20/2019 02:54:50

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Our online friends touch us daily

From different walks of life

Enveloping us with warmth and kindness

To ease the pain and strife

Some live just around the corner

Others an ocean apart

Each struggling with their hopes and fears

Soul searching deep within the heart

Over time the bond strengthens

Of that it is a fact

Through emotional and economic crises

Our circle of friends remains intact


Tags: Poetry

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