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Seasons of Love
Posted On 10/22/2023 14:14:06


Leaves falling from the old oak tree

Casting shadows of what may be

Initials carved to show their love

An autumn blessing from above


Snow silently falling on the ground

Sunrise appears without a sound

Smouldering embers of the fire

Lost in love with sweet desire


Walk in the park hand in hand

No words are spoken they understand

Beauty of nature is all around

Rejoicing spring with loves sweet sound


Beach is deserted apart from two

Looking into the distance is what they do

Who knows what thoughts are in their mind

Let's hope it's love in summertime


Tags: Poetry

The Rose
Posted On 07/23/2023 11:38:02

As dark turns into light

Awakened by moisture from morning dew

Floral beauty springs to life

Purely from a rose's point of view

Velvety flower emanates sweet fragrance

Swaying gently in a summer breeze

Glimpses of gold catch delicate petals

While partially hidden by the trees.


Tags: Poetry

European Christmas Market
Posted On 12/02/2022 05:56:03


Life is busy around Albert Square

In December every year

Christmas market in full swing

For shopping and a glass of beer

Stalls are cluttered one by one

Amid the crowded streets

Vendors displaying their festive wares

In order to compete

Christmas music in the background

To put one in the mood

Aroma of bratwurst sizzling on the coals

Pangs of hunger need some food

People always in a hurry

Last minute presents to buy

Gifts from all over Europe

To tempt the shoppers eye

Energy and money both well spent

To depart it's almost time

But not before a Christmas toast

With a mug of hot mulled wine


Tags: Poetry

Touch of Greece
Posted On 08/10/2022 08:41:45

Treading carefully on a secluded pebbled beach

Just my thoughts and me

Beckoning rock invites me to sit a while

To absorb the beauty of the blue Aegean Sea

Warmth from the sun encompasses my body

Through an almost cloudless sky

Daydream interupted only by a gentle breeze

Or an occasional sea bird soaring high

Gazing into the distance

As far as the eyes can see

Sun dances reflectively on the water

With the coast of Turkey winking back at me


Tags: Poetry

A Finely Tuned Instrument
Posted On 07/21/2022 06:32:28

Female contour a finely tuned instrument

Worthy of tender loving care

Shaped like a well strung guitar

Or perhaps a soft well-rounded pear

Curvy figurine dances elegantly

Invitation in her outstretched arms

Intoxicating body language

Seduction offered within her charms

Encased beneath the outer shell

Lie heartstrings plucked from dreams too soon

Porcelain lady trapped in the music box

With notes of Mills and Boon


Tags: Poetry

Lazy Days of Summer
Posted On 04/07/2022 07:36:30

Lazy days of summer

Strolling through the park

Fleeting movement in tree branches

Ascending of the lark

Wild flowers of many colours

Vision for the eyes to see

Shades of yellow, pink and purple

Where butterflies roam free

Nestled on a blanket

Under shelter of the trees

Absorbing golden rays of the sun

Amidst a gentle breeze

Daydreaming of life's pleasures

Under a sky of azure blue

Romantic notions to the fore

Sometimes dreams come true


Tags: Poetry

Posted On 03/09/2022 12:02:26

Our little corner of the world

In which to find inner peace

A private retreat to disappear

Relaxing the mind and stressed decreased

Calm and peaceful environment

To let our thoughts run free

Personal space to reconnect with ourselves

Basic human need called sanctuary


Tags: Poetry

Idyllic Village
Posted On 02/26/2022 11:27:45

Leisurely stroll along tree-lined path

Down in glorious Devon

Foothpath leads to Cockington

A little piece of heaven

Idyllic setting for a village

Cottage roofs weaved with thatch

Bridged pond adorned with mallards

Proudly swimming with ducklings newly hatched

Romantic horse-drawn carriage ride

Through the country park

Ideal for lovers of any age

To reignite the spark

Commanding stately home and grounds

Envision cricket on the lawn

Partake of afternoon tea

With aspirations of to the manor born


Tags: Poetry

The Brooch
Posted On 02/01/2022 12:13:49

Buried deep inside the treasure chest

Hidden in a tiny box

Amongst old clothes and knick-knacks

And the ticking of the clocks

Double-sided swivel brooch

A keepsake for one so fair

Encasing a portrait of her lover

With a woven lock of his hair

Reminiscing of times long ago

Which seem like yesterday

She gently releases it from captivity

In celebration of Valentine's Day


Tags: Poetry

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