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02/07/2023 06:34:08

May be an image of text that says 'Toe socks can prevent blisters'

02/07/2023 05:06:43

02/07/2023 04:59:39

Good morning. It rained all night and the weather people were talking of it turning slippery because of the temps. I was not going to go out for the walk this morning because of that. However, I was roused from sleep because of the hostilities in the fortress and so I was up. About 3, I stepped out on the porch to test the footing. This is done before starting the coffee. Once the coffee is involved, point of no return on not going. It was alright so I started the computer for a check on the temp and found it to be 35* I brought out the slide rule and determined it was above freezing. I embarked on the protocol and it was a great walk. No ice. Even took a street I have been avoiding. So, in the outside world everything is perfect if you don't take into account my fear of shopping for athletic shoes {tennis shoes}. Have a good day. Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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02/07/2023 04:47:25

Good morning Lynne, wishing you a terrific Tuesday.

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Blessed Be my friend.

02/07/2023 04:24:25


02/07/2023 02:27:40

Hello my dear friend, Happy tuesday!  Kisses.   Take care.  

02/07/2023 01:17:30

02/07/2023 00:58:44

02/06/2023 22:54:54

02/06/2023 22:11:53

150+ Happy Good Morning Tuesday Images | Happy Tuesday Quotes

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02/06/2023 19:36:55

Thank You Lynne...Hugs

02/06/2023 19:20:08

Evening., was a really nice day.,  but tomorrow temps dropping  going to the dealers tomorrow to get my registraion and sticker. hope you have a wonderful new week., see you in the morning.

02/06/2023 14:13:32

Glittery Happy Monday Sign GIF | GIFDB.com

Enjoy your week, Lynne. Hugs! 

02/06/2023 12:13:29

Hello sweet friend, wishing you an awesome week ahead and be safe.  With all my love and respect, Grace 

02/06/2023 11:52:38

Lynne, you are a bouquet of possibilities! Have a great Monday.💐

02/06/2023 09:30:09

Hi Lynne, Wishing you a good week. Hugs, Dianne

02/06/2023 09:17:31

Hello, friend, have a good start to the week. Ideal

full of peace, and health, have a great time, take good 

care of yourself, kisses, maria

02/06/2023 07:36:04

good morning Lynne,

02/06/2023 07:07:32

02/06/2023 06:30:28

Happy Monday 

02/06/2023 06:08:22

Hello my Friend - Hope you had a good weekend - I had a wonderful weekend - My husband's Birthday is coming up on this Wednesday - You all have a Wonderful Monday


02/06/2023 05:14:27


LadyLynne wrote:

Hope your new week will be just perfect!  Hugs

02/06/2023 04:55:01

Happy Monday

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02/06/2023 04:21:44

Thank you Lynne, wishing you a wonderful start to the week ahead.

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Blessed Be my friend.

01/16/2023 09:24:52

LadyLynne wrote:

Oh my! What a creative and awesome guitar!

01/16/2023 04:34:24

Hi Lynne, your page is very elegant!

01/14/2023 04:52:25

Good morning Lynne, love your pretty theme! Wishing you a wonderful warm weekend.

Winter fantasy, fence, sun, wonderland, bonito, trees, sky, winter,  beauitiful, HD wallpaper | Peakpx
Blessed Be my friend.

01/13/2023 13:33:50

Hello dear Lynne, hope you are doing fine;) Wish you a wonderful weekend! xoxo A.

01/13/2023 10:17:00

Love your page Lynne, classy and dark!  Enjoy your Weekend! Hugs

01/01/2023 01:43:32

Happy New Year Images 2023; हैप्पी न्यू ईयर की इमेजेस शायरी को ऐसे लगाओगे  तो गर्लफ्रेंड होगी इंप्रेस

Happy New Year to you and yours Lynne, hugs! 

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