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A letter to Mr. Trump
Posted On 11/12/2018 00:22:41

Dear Mr. Trump:

I am sure you noticed that I did not use proper decorum when I called you Mr. Trump.  You see, Mr. Trump I have a lot of respect for the office of the United States' presidency. Politics aside Mr. Trump, Do you realize how you how many times you sound ignorant and uneducated whenever you open your mouth? 

The mass murders which have been taking place lately are so painful and sad for the families and even the murderer's family because they will bear the scorn of society.  How could you say that the guy was one "sick puppy." That sounds so undignified and unworthy for someone with the title of the president of the USA. It was flippant and gauche and not something to say in public by the president. Even though most of us agree that the guy was nuts but we are just the people of the country who look to you for leadership and dignity so do not have to follow exactly the same rules for those in public offices.

Secondly, Mr. Trump, what nerve you have to blame the tragedy of these horrible fires that are destroying life and property on the US. National Forest Service? My brother and his wife are now retired senior citizens who lost their home and all their material possessions and barely escaped with their lives in Paradise, California. I wonder how many people you insulted that lost their homes with that thoughtless allegation? How many people proudly worked for the US. National Forest Service now will go through life with guilt because of your insensitive statements. These folks that suffered through the floods, hurricanes, fires, mass murders which the year 2018 will be remembered for. These folks need all kinds of help and not stupid and foolish words.

I will close this letter with some wise words that are attributed to Mark Twain. You would do well to heed them and then just maybe you can gain a measure of respect.

It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain

Part 2, Just some thoughts
Posted On 11/10/2018 06:34:34


Will gun control prevent mass murders? Tonight one of the grieving mothers' loss control and ranted at the camera. The following is from when the reporter was interviewing her.


“I don’t want prayers. I don’t want thoughts,” she said. “I want gun control and I hope to God nobody else sends me any more prayers.”


I can’t help feeling sorry for the mother. Her son lived in Las Vegas and was home for the weekend. He survived the mass murder in Las Vegas last year only to die in another mass murder. I honestly do not believe gun control will do much good. I would need to research the topic before I could state facts so these are just musings. I know that not all guns are purchased via legal means. Would gun control stop the killings? I seriously doubt it. Gun control just might make mass murder more difficult to achieve. Hopefully, that would be the case but as cynical as I am I won’t hold my breath. I will be a good citizen and vote for any gun control bills that appear because there is a thing called HOPE.


Just some thoughts
Posted On 11/10/2018 06:26:14

The world is wondering what the Land of Liberty is coming to with all these mass killings. I told my sister that it is becoming a normal thing here in the USA. Over coffee, can you imagine people in awe of a day that went by and no mass killing? It makes me sick to think some nut who wants people to feel as bad as he does, decides to go on a killing spree. I don’t care if the killer wants to die but why in the heck does he have to take innocent people with him?All the psychobabble will not change the fact that he is a weak and sad piece of crap. I have no sympathy for him at all. No matter how much a person hurts emotionally, he does not have to choose to kill. Without going into detail, I have struggled with depression and know how it can play havoc with a person’s mind. Still, want to die bad enough, do it alone why cause more pain. Suicide hurts the loved ones left behind but usually, the family is aware their loved one is in emotional distress. The victims have no idea that they are doomed to die at the hands of a stranger.


Life is hard enough without wondering if you will live to see tomorrow.

Got my page cleaning done
Posted On 04/17/2018 15:22:10

I must have gotten a comment because I signed on the Hill after months of absence. Imagine my surprise when I saw my images missing and a big old ugly sign that politely tells me that Photobucket decided to be a meanie and erased all my images. “Oh well”, I sighed, “I’ve had the same page since the Hill began. Hey, I just realized I’m as old as the Hill.”” LOL Well, I decided to surf a few pages but each one that I peeked at were from visitors with a dazzling page. By the time I finished, I was in despair so figured I would check a few friends pages to see if their page was just as messy. Lo, and behold I found a few whose page lacked cleaning. Kust goes to prove misery loves company. Now, I thought, I can logoff knowing I wasn’t the only lazy Hill member with a page that was neglected and ugly.


  I can’t say exactly how because my memory is so lousy that I forget. LOL Anyway, I got to talking with Pamela D. She is a dear and told me how to change it using Doc’s layout. She typed out directions and if it had been me trying to type out instructions, I’ll still be typing. LOL I followed the instructions as proud as a peacock until I saw the pretty new page still littered with Photobucket’s ugly reminders. Again, Pam came dashing to the rescue and told me how to wash it away the remaining mess. Now, I have a sparking new page. Come and visit anytime because if history proves correct. I will probably keep the same page until the Hill comes tumbling down. LOL

Just a little chuckle
Posted On 04/08/2017 20:56:24

Just a little chuckle 

One of the poll questions that popped up today was asking how we reacted to door to door salesmen. Here is the poll question and answers:

Door to door salesmen:

 A. I say Not Interested & close the door

 B. I ignore the door.

 C.I listen politely--then say Not Interested

 D.Don't get any where I live


Well, didnt answer that poll because none of the answers apply to me except occassinally B. Generally, I don’t take advantage of my deafness but rather than deal with salemen, polltakers or suspicious charity beggers I play up on my deafness. 99.5% of the time I know if I pantamime that I am deaf, they smile and make a hand waving motion and beat it as if the devil is at their heels. LOL


I discovered this little strategy when I was in college. Back in the fall of 1970 racial tension was in my college too. My dorm situation consisted of a little living room and two bedrooms. We had a little cupboard where we keep tea and dishes that we could use with hot water. That particular evening I was siting on the floor with the door opened making myself a cup of tea. I saw a motion so looked up and there was a Black guy with a regular cup. I assumed he wanted some hot water to make himself a cuppa. Imagine my surprise when I was just about to pour boiling water in his cup when I saw a few dolloar bills and change in it. My curiosity got the better of me and I began yell for my suitemate. Clara’s room was just a few feet but I was beginnig to wonder if she suddenly became deaf. After yelling her name several times, she opened the door. She pretended like she didn’t know anything so asked the young man and then told me.


“He wants to know if you would like to contribute to the Angela Davis defense fund.”


I told him I was a money poor student so he grinned and left. (which was no fib) After he left I knocked on Clara’s door to find out why she had acted so sheeplisly. Her excuse was that she hoped I would tell him I was deaf. LOL


As for the other .5% of salemen, well, I ignore the door if I know it is a salesman. If I am unlucky that day the salesperson might start signing and then I am stuck. lol



Most of you probably know who Angela Davis was. In case you don’t, she was a young activist for Black right during the 70s.



Posted On 03/20/2017 22:26:41



Today I made one of my rather rare visits to the Hill. I was checking my page and found 2 new “peekers” at my profile. Now don’t get me wrong. I love to have people check it. That is part of what makes social sites it fun. Still, This may be trivial but it irks me when someone checks my page and I go to return the favor only to get an ugly screen telling me I am not a “friend.” I know it isn’t a matter of life or death but to me it is a matter of principle. What gives the person a right to go surfing others profiles but slam the door in others faces when they try to return the deed?


I also try to leave a little comment on the pages I visit even if I clicked by mistake. I just consider it polite LOL A short generic greeting that one can paste to pages they visit is sufficient.

I think most of you know I try to be polite and never confrontational but I do have this silly idea that people are generally as nice as I am. LOL




Well, I happened to surf one of my groups. The last time someone wrote in that group seems a while. Still,I am sure glad I waited to post this because I came upon a post saying it disliked generic greetings. While I stand by my opinion, it gave me another perpective so I change a few words that might have a little harsh. I realized there once again are two sides to every story or opinion. I think my only reason is my slow as molasses typing. Like molasses it moves but slowly. LOL I guess I will continue to send generic greetings that are public and take the time to pound out to a private message when I respond to something. I have to do it this way or my poor hubby will have to endure a wife who will have her butt glued in front of this computer banging slowly away on the keyboard. ha


Now remember folks, that is just my humble opinion.



Who am I
Posted On 05/08/2016 20:18:57

I am taking a deserved break from reinstalling programs after a Window reset.  Keep in mind, I wrote this with tongue in cheek.

Who am I?  Well, not taking inflation into account, it is a million dollar question. People have asked this question about themselves down throughout the ages, people smarter than this ol’ gal.

Like most people I can give a superficial account of me.  I am friendly and a people lover who can be shy at one time and outgoing the next. I am a marvelous actress and can ooze with confidence but when it comes down to fact, I seriously lack the confidence I give off.

I am a tender heart person who hates to see poverty, pain or abuse of any kind. I cry easily at movies, books, pictures or just real life. Now to give a fair account, I also have some less desirable traits. Patience is not a virtue of mine. Procrastination has stolen a lot of my nearly 65years.  I inten to cure this,  starting tomorrow.   I have a quick temper and usually get the last word.

The rest I will leave to your imagination)))

Met my love
Posted On 05/04/2016 11:21:50

Met my love 30 years ago today.

I always thought I was a romantic but after nearly 30 years together, I freely admit it is Paul that is the true romantic.

We were supposed to met at a local restaurant.  We didn’t know much more about each other than our names.  He knew I was deaf and that I would be wearing a red and white polka dot blouse. Thanks goodness he was at the restaurant before me so was looking for a walking polka dot figure or else I might have had to play a guessing game.  When we introduced ourselves and shook hands, I felt like tiny electric shocks was shooting through me. I never experienced that sort of chemistry with any man or boys I dated. I was too practical to fall for a guy upon meeting for the first  time so just brushed it off.  We went into the restaurant and began to get acquainted  and all the time I am thinking, 
“On, he’s one of the few people I can’t lipread with ease,”   
I liked him because he seemed so sincere and polite. He knew how to treat a lady and said, “I know we agreed to go go Dutch here but I would be honored if you would let this be my treat.” He was a real gentleman but it was so hard to understand him so much of it was me just nodding and following verbal and facial clues.
Well, I just made the best of it but secretly chalked it of as a flop.  Paul confirmed that thought when he told me he had to leave to go to the office to finish up some work.  
“Sure, you do on a Sunday.” I thought.  
Nothing was said about another date.    Being too much the lady, I just said goodbye. 
I need to say that all communication was via snail mail. Paul didn’t knowmy last name or address.  I had rented a post office box.   My name was in the phone book. We met on a Sunday and on Monday there was another letter.  He enjoyed it enough to ask me to meet him at another restaurant.  I wrote back and said I would. I planned to tell him that since I couldn’t understand him, it would be better to call it off. Imagine the lovely surprise when he signed,”How are you?”  as I walked into the restaurant.  Apparently, he knew that I was having difficulty understanding him that he rushed to the library and learned the manual alphabet and the 3 signs.  My practical heart became mush.

Thirty years later we are still together and celebrate the day we met and our wedding anniversary.  Oh yes, Paul admit some time later that he too felt the “physical chemistry” when we shook hands.  That is a story for another day.

Just gotta brag
Posted On 04/22/2016 00:30:04
Just gotta brag

Don’t know how many of you watch Dancing with the Stars but it is something to watch on Monday nights especially this last season.  Nyle De Marco is a young man who is a graduate from Gallaudet University.  He won American’s next Top Model and now is on DWTS.  He is a handsome man with a beautiful personality.  If only I was 40 years younger. SIGH  Ha
Nyle was paired with Peta and during the second week they got the highest scores from the judges for that week. Monday night they switch all the partners and Nyle got Sharna. They did a Viennese waltz and it was so beautiful that Carrie Ann was all choked up. Would You believe that they got 9s and 10s. The only 10s of the night.  Even though it was harder on Nyle than it was on the others to use a new partner, he smiled and gave his all.
Win or lose, this person is a winner in every way. Watch and vote for this hunk.

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