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01/22/2019 12:57:59

Hi, Great page, so beautiful. I just did your pole. I also had posted a "Blog" here a little bit before seeing your "pole". You might find it interesting...If you don't, that is great also. I am also a devouted lover of Doris Day I miss her so and her movie genre, very much. I am particulary fond of Glass Bottom Boat (Ukelalies don't ya' know). Have a great new year 2019. Hugs T P

01/21/2019 10:34:09

Good Morning :) raining here today so i will stay home we did not have a chance to view the blood moon last night  too much cloud cover. Well i do hope your warm safe and whatever you have planned today is prosperous in all ways. Hug .G

01/19/2019 22:39:47

stopping by to say hiWe are expecting very cold temps. and snow tomorrow so I will be staying in. Hope you have a restful Sunday. Anne

12/26/2018 20:32:13

As we enter into a new year rich with favor and blessing

Recieve the abundance with gladness

Shalom- nothing missing nothing broken.


12/25/2018 18:41:20

From my Family to yours ... Merry Christmas!

Luv and hugs ...

12/22/2018 05:31:55

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. With love from my
family to yours..

Image result for christmas images

12/16/2018 17:00:13

Getting closer to Christmas:) my children and Grandchildren will

be here Christmas eve looking forward to that.

Christmas eve at Nanas lol then they have Christmas day at their own homes. Hope you have a great week ahead peace and joy fill your hearts blessings from the Lord dear friends. 

12/16/2018 09:22:19

Make today the best day ever..with love from my page to yours..

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12/15/2018 05:36:25

May you have the best weekend...let it snow let it snow...

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12/09/2018 11:06:41

Good morning. Happy sunday. not much of a weather change here.

I do think this may be one of those winters that only come around

Every few years. I'm sure the ski resorts above are loving it.

Not sure what I'll cook or bake today.. yet !

Have a blessed sunday and week ahead. Hug. G


12/07/2018 08:43:25

 Have a fun Friday, friend:) *hugs*

12/06/2018 20:17:21

Have a blessed evening and great tomorrow. Hug.


12/04/2018 10:07:13


Good morning dear friend. Just finishing my coffee watching tiny snowflakes fall. Havent listen to the news yet but im sure its really coming down in Tahoe. Its a perfect day for cooking. I think I'll do a Rigatoni, its easy with bread sticks. 

May the Light of life fill your heart with great joy and peace.

Shalom- nothing missing nothing broken.

11/30/2018 18:15:05

11/24/2018 10:04:55

Good Morning :) its a tad cold here in the Sierra but i enjoy

Cool weather rather then the lower part of NV

Hope your doing well dear friend and had a great thanksgiving

Have a great Saturday. Hug 


11/22/2018 05:27:57

Good morning

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11/20/2018 21:44:34

11/20/2018 12:44:40

Count down to thanksgiving :) happy thanksgiving everyone.


11/17/2018 16:05:25

Image result for goodnight images

11/17/2018 12:00:27

 Just think in a short time we will enjoy with

Thanks thanksgiving:) my hearts desire is all will be filled

And loving arms to hug everyone who has no one on thanksgiving

But online all we can do it let them know we are thinking of 

Them. And print a very big ((((((((( hug))))))))


11/17/2018 06:06:50

Thank you for you being you..happy weekend..

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11/16/2018 08:00:20

Good morning

Image result for friday blessings

11/15/2018 10:04:34

Good Morning. I hope you have a great day and favoured

In all good things. Today is sunny but cold i may make

A chicken soup today something warm for the belly :)

Sending hug your way. 

11/14/2018 09:03:56

Good Morning online family blessed of the Lord : )

Its been busy here and had company over yesterday

Its colder now  the highs in the 50s. Be  safe and have a joyful day. Enjoy its beauty.  Hug 


11/11/2018 09:39:15

Good morning, honor our Veterans today and have a beautiful Sunday.

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11/11/2018 09:12:34

11/11/2018 07:45:47



11/10/2018 18:31:20

I agree :) and the way she sings.

11/10/2018 10:55:54

I enjoy Doris Day movies too. :)

Pretty page here.

11/09/2018 12:14:26

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