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08/07/2018 16:58:40

Hope you're having a wonderful week..Image result for beach pictures

07/30/2018 16:27:00

Have a wonderful day, hugs ...

07/30/2018 10:28:20

From one Leo to another:)

07/30/2018 05:36:20

07/29/2018 10:18:18

07/29/2018 08:51:00

Happy Birthday! May God bestow His richest joys on you today and always! Be healthy, prosperous and LOVED!


07/28/2018 10:07:02

07/22/2018 08:45:31

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07/20/2018 12:57:03

Hi legal Judy,

Just thought I stop by and say HI!  It's been pretty hot up here and when the humidity is up you might say it's unBEARable but that's just Popabear's perspective. I still get out and play golf but you have to stay hydrated!  Hope you are doing well and keeping cool out there in Arizona.

Catch you later,


07/15/2018 06:57:33

Hi Judy, Did I mention I have a sister named Judith. She goes by Judi.

Paul, what a great name for a husband, but then I may be a bit predjudice. Have a great day and tell the other Paul I said HI!!! - NOTH Paul

azjudy wrote:

Hi yourself,  By the way, did I ever tell you my husband's name is Paul. A few years ago I met a woman on a plane and we got to talking.  Her name was Judy and in the course of the conversation, she mentions her husband, Paul.  We had a good laugh over that coincidence.


07/14/2018 05:53:05

Have a wonderful weekend..

07/04/2018 06:28:00

Today we celebrate our Independence here in America. For us and all people of the World. Let Freedom Ring...

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07/03/2018 09:00:52

♥ Happy Birthday, America ♥
Have a safe and happy Fourth! -di

06/16/2018 12:55:30

Wishing you and DH a delightful
weekend, Judy:) *hugs* -di

06/16/2018 11:43:16

Hi Judy,

Wkend quote


06/09/2018 11:37:31

*hugs*, Judy:)  -di

06/03/2018 07:57:33

Good morning

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05/28/2018 09:49:20

05/28/2018 09:30:27

Blessed Be..

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05/27/2018 09:16:40

Have a Blessed weekend..with love from my page to yours..

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05/22/2018 15:59:32

Hope your week is going well, Judy:) -di

05/20/2018 09:26:33

Good morning it has been one Royal weekend

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05/16/2018 13:34:48

Good afternoon Judy

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05/16/2018 01:13:41

05/14/2018 18:23:39

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05/13/2018 16:40:14

With love from my page to yours..

Image result for mothers day

05/13/2018 02:22:17

Will you be celebrating Mom's Day with your granddaughter ....
we did with ours.

Enjoy your day Judy.
Hugs ...

05/12/2018 09:01:28

Wishing you a day of Love & Blessings:)

05/01/2018 08:44:01

Happy May Day, Judy:) *hugs* -di

04/27/2018 11:13:34

Congrats on being selected as a featured member. You have a wonderful page.

Wish you a happy weekend!


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