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12/06/2021 14:57:46

Its a sunshiny day here but only in the 40's. Hope you are having a great day. 


12/05/2021 06:11:03

wishing you a peaceful and relaxing Sunday, my friend!

12/03/2021 15:31:26

                                         love and hugs


12/03/2021 10:00:51

12/01/2021 12:47:12

Enjoy your first day of December. Its going to be a nice Wednesday here. 

11/30/2021 14:47:21

Hi there. Hope this finding you doing well. I went this morning and got groceries at Walmart. Then came home and got everything put away. Started the laundry and layed down on the couch and took a much needed nap. Now I have the clothes in the dryer. How has your day been? Not much else going on here. Have a nice rest of your day my friend and take care.


11/29/2021 17:31:05

Hi there. Its been a beautiful day here. Up in the 70's and no wind. Just perfect. I hope you had a wonderful day and will have a nice evening. Take care my friend.  Cheryl

11/29/2021 10:41:17

we got snow over the week-end..it

sure is pretty...have a marvelous day


11/28/2021 21:35:30

11/28/2021 12:05:54

the end of November is in our sight, soon we'll be entering the Winter Soltice and Christmas will be right behind that... I hope you've been enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend...it's about over too...

11/24/2021 16:27:46

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I finaly got my monitor so i can be here.

Just got back from shopping.

Its getting real busy out there in stores.

I want to let you know that i am 

thinking of you and hope you have 

a Beautiful Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my Family and Friends

And i am Thankful to have a very sweet

friend that is so very special to me.

I am Thankful to Heavenly Father for all he does

for us and many Blessing.

God Bless you my sweet friend.

Happy ThanksGiving.

11/23/2021 10:34:34

11/23/2021 08:59:49

11/22/2021 15:21:37

Hello my friend. I hope you are having a good afternoon. Its a really nice one here. In the mid 60's and no wind. But the weather will make up for that no wind tomorrow. I hope you have a nice week and a Happy Thanksgiving.  Take care.  Cheryl

11/22/2021 14:01:32

Whatever this week's activities, wishing
you thankfulness in all things enjoyed.
C'ya this weekend. *hugs*

11/22/2021 07:45:56

I hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving week Patti!

11/20/2021 21:32:59

hello sorry   i have not been on line  a  lot of pain .love and hugs jlo

11/19/2021 14:50:15

Enjoy your weekend. I hope its a nice one. Take care.


11/19/2021 06:11:25

can you believe that next Friday is "black Friday"?

11/18/2021 14:43:56

Good afternoon. How is your day going? Mine has been productive. Went to Walmart this morning and got groceries. Now I'm doing the laundry. That will do it for today. These days are flying by anymore.I'm excited for Thanksgiving as all 3 of my kids will be here and my two grandsons also. Will make for a great day. And we will be meeting with my husbands family for the noon meal. Lots of people to see. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving next week. Cant believe its only a week away. I don't take much to the gathering just my much liked peanut butter fudge. Well take care my friend and I will chat with you another day. Take care, Cheryl

11/16/2021 14:30:28

Hope your are having a nice afternoon. Its another nice day here. Its cloudy and a little cool but not bad at all. I've got my clothes in the dryer and that is all I have left of my chores. Have a good rest of your day my friend and take care.


11/16/2021 06:13:32

good morning Patti, I hope you have a relaxing day! 

11/13/2021 11:00:58

it's cold out now and it feels more like Michigan with the new smow that we had yesterday and last night. I hope you enjoy your weekend.

11/11/2021 09:05:52

It's going to be in the upper 60's today with strong winds and rain! Thank goodness no storm warnings!

11/09/2021 11:02:22

This looks good compared to my yard right now! lol My sons are going to try to get all the leaves and nuts up this weekend!

11/09/2021 09:41:32

11/06/2021 14:58:46

Hello my sweet friend. I am thinking of Elvis.

I wish i new him but i really dont but i 

do love his music.

Maybe someday in the future i can 

go visit his home and enjoy vacation

with my family. I hope all is well with you.

God Bless you today. :-) 

11/06/2021 10:37:53

11/06/2021 10:11:20

11/05/2021 12:07:20

Hello, I leave you my best wishes, and have a good weekend,

I'm still in pain, and I don't connect, I'm sorry, take care, 

I am again, with rehabilitation, from the shoulder,

to the hand, kisses,maria--------

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