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P: Pets, Pecans, & Persimmon Pudding
Posted On: 10/18/2017 19:39:04


PETS: I’m sure most of you know I had ‘announced’ we wouldn’t be getting any more pets, when we lost both Sammi and Max in May; they were 19.5 and 15 yr old cats. Well, my husband has been ‘helping’ a friend who recently bought a farm. Every night after he’d been there, he’d asked if I wanted a kitten--there were friendly feral cats on the property and the new owner’s wife doesn’t like cats & wanted them ‘gone’. They were very friendly, even though they were living in the barn. No; I didn’t want to start over with a kitten, even if I had even thought about getting another cat. So that wasn’t too hard.

But then my daughter ‘shared’ photos from their local Humane Society. There were so many cute kittens and cats! There was a sandy kitten that grabbed my heart instantly; however, I reminded myself we definitely didn’t want to start over with a kitten. But naturally, that got me to thinking about cats again. So I checked out our local Humane Society’s Facebook page & found several older cats. One looked really adorable: yes, it was Missy (Samantha at that time). I decided it wouldn’t hurt just to go look, so we headed to the Humane Society. Terry instantly gravitated toward Missy. There was one more cat that was a ‘possible’; so we played with both of them--and decided on Missy/Samantha. We’ve now had her about a month, and she’s doing great! So I’m really glad we decided to at least ‘look’. 

Pecans: We both like pecans, but Terry is wild about them! The same neighbor with the farm has a number of pecan trees on his land. Well, Terry was thrilled to be asked to ‘help’ pick up pecans once they were ripe. He’s brought home 2 large bags so far!

The funny part is that my late father-in-law had a couple of pecan trees in his yard; he also gave us some pecans each year. He always said, “Now Dianne can bake something with pecans”. The reason it’s funny is that I never did get any to bake with; Terry would eat them up! To be honest, there weren’t many--probably about a quart, at most. And I would never have thought about actually making a pecan pie. 

Now, however, I’m going to try to set aside at least a dozen to use in cooking. I recently discovered that I really love pecan pancakes (I get them at Denny’s). So I’d like to try making some here at home--if I can ‘steal’ some! 

Persimmon Pudding: Grandma used to make persimmon pudding when I was little. I always said I really loved it! I even did research over the years to see if I could find a good recipe for it. I never did ‘find’ persimmons to buy, so I never did even try to make it. However, I think I’ve about come to the conclusion it was really the ‘sauce’ that I loved! I guess if I ever saw persimmon pudding when I was out somewhere, I’d probably try it; but I somehow doubt I’ll ever get around to making it myself.       


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10/19/2017 06:36:26

I keep reading about all the fun friends, including you, are having so much enjoyment with their cat. Our daughter grew up with her tabby, but when she left home, and C-Fer became very ill, we didn't get another pet. We did a lot of travelling and I don't like pet "hotels". In addition, I hear of too many of our neighbors who have lost their cats, thanks to the increase in the coyote population. I'm glad you are enjoying the new addition to you household. By the way, our daughter came up with her cat's name... sort for C for Cat!

As for pecans... I love them, in cookies and cakes, and even by the handful, and I have no idea about persimmons.

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