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R - Recipes
Posted On: 11/27/2017 15:23:26

Recipes.  I started collecting recipes many years ago--in the 1970's, I think.  Now, I've never been a "great cook". But I did enjoy baking.  Most of those recipes I collected were for desserts, my favorite thing to cook! I hand-wrote them and put them in a box. Now, this was long before I had a computer, of course.

Back then, the big thing was 'punch' cakes. You baked a vanilla cake in a 'sheet pan', 9 x13 inches. Then, you punched holes in the top, usually with a fork. Then you poured in a mixture of 7-Up, jello, and/or pudding.   Then you would 'top' it with a mixture of jello & whipped cream.  I collected a large number of those recipes, with different ingredients and cake flavors.   

But of course, I also clipped and saved many other recipes from our local newspaper.  However, I didn't actually 'use' many of those, since my husband is your typical "meat & potatoes" kind of guy--and not at all interested in 'experimenting' with different food! The cakes and cookies were about the only things I did make from those recipes.

Many years later, I  sifted through those and saved only the ones I 'thought' I might use; later, I used my printer to scan those into the computer. And by then, I was saving recipes from online.  I now have several large Folders titled Recipes! I even put many of those onto CD's/dvd's.

I have my favorite folder, of course: with Grandma's Chicken Casserole recipe, the family 'special' spaghetti sauce made from scratch, the three or four cookie recipes I use, and my favorite cake recipes, which include The Milky Way Cake. Those are pretty much the only recipes I use lately.

  But...yes, I still catch myself saving online recipes--just in case.


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11/30/2017 23:32:50

I certainly identify with you. In years past, we had many dinner guests; going out to a restaurant for a dinner was rarely done It was always fun to try new and old recipes with guests, and to exchange recipes with them. 

We still have guests, but not the fancy menu that i used to prepare. Often a bowl of soup and a fresh bun, then a bowl of ice cream and a cookie is what I prepae for friends. There is always containers of homemade soup and stew in the freezer, that can quickly be served. Now, it is the visits when we share our happy and sad moments, is more important than the food.

I still have recipe book that I rarely look at ... and here is the photo of my present collection in my kitchen, that I took this week. When our grandkids come to visit, they can have whatever they like. Several are about to leave home to set up their own "domain".


11/30/2017 00:09:28

I can relate to collecting recipes and Recipe Books.  Cooking and baking was something I did a lot of when the family were all home. With all the books that I collected when it came time to make or bake something I always returned to using the recipes that my late Aunt and my mother used. They were  always reliable and somehow had a better flavour than the ones in books.  When I was working in the Aged Care Nursing Home there was a salesman who called in once a month with a variety of books for sale that were at a third of the price charged in the stores and I would always buy at least one if not two. They also made for great Gifts when needed. I have now given the majority away to my daughter and friends and when reqired to bake  something I still use those good old recipes.

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