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Christmas with Family
Posted On: 12/08/2017 12:45:45

With our daughter & her family living 200 miles away and our son having 'alternate' weekends & holidays with his kids, we usually plan a 'family day' on a weekend before--or after--Christmas.  Last year, our daughter, her husband, and 'adult' son came in for the entire weekend; so we had plenty of time to prepare a big meal.  My daughter brought turkey and an extra crockpot; we had a 'white' turkey breast in one crockpot and 'dark turkey' meat in the other crockpot.  So everyone  got what they liked! Sadly, our son had to work that day, but he got off early & was here by 2pm, I believe.  

This year, it looks like they may only be here one day; so I think we're going to have a different family favorite: spaghetti with homemade sauce and garlic bread. My husband told me: make a double batch!  Needless to say...he just loves this homemade spaghetti sauce!  That's one thing he loves eating 'leftover'.

As for gifts...well, with two grandsons over the age of 21--and both of them 'out on their own', we just give them cash, which they can always use.  Emma, the only granddaughter, is 10 yrs old now; I am  going to take her shopping this weekend for some clothes.  And since Mike has her this weekend, he'll have her the weekend before Christmas as well--so that means we'll have our 'family Christmas' that weekend.   

Nothing is definite yet--but it looks like it'll be at least 7 of us here for 'dinner'; and maybe 9 with grandson Clay and his girlfriend who we hope will be here.  It should be a  fantastic day!   


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12/26/2017 12:58:07

Hope you enjoyed it, sounds like fun.

12/12/2017 03:45:05

I hope you have a wonderful time with your family at Xmas.  It's nice to be able to celebrate it over two weekends as sometimes it's difficult to share yourself around when there is a Large gathering at the one time.  Usually I give a small gift to be opened on the day plus a Gift Voucher that includes a variety of stores where the receipent can have a choice in how they want to spend that money. 

Have Happy Xmas and a fantastic new Year....

12/10/2017 22:11:37

I hope you enjoy every minute of your Christmas experiences, from the baking days, the shopping, and the time together with the family.

Thanks for sharing your story.

12/09/2017 19:38:27

It should be a  fantastic day!   , think posative Dianne,it will be a fantastic day, merry christmas and a happy new year for all of you,. arthur

12/08/2017 14:33:09

Sounds like a good time for every one!

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