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U -- Unusual
Posted On: 02/09/2018 18:27:12

Well, it's been hard to find a "U" item for my blog. But...here's an 'unusual' one:   

U--Unusual.   I think I'm unusual. Maybe not. But, here's why I think so.   I refuse to "act my age". I 'feel' young, so why not act it?  I've always believed if you keep your brain active, you'll be fine. So, I try to do that with my different hobbies. I like to keep learning. That's another key to 'staying young'.

As most of you know, one of my favorite hobbies is playing with graphics & using my graphics to design my pages here at NOTH.  If you've checked out my Group, Playing With Graphics, you'll see some of my 'efforts'.  I'm always looking for new ways to spice up plain graphics.

Another way I feel I'm unusual: I'm a 'homebody'. I'm quite happy spending the day playing around on the computer, either reading, writing, or making graphics.  I don't need to be constantly "on the go". I think that's why 'going out' is more special to me.  I'm very happy to go out to eat, or walk around the mall--occasionally.   I know people who simply can't stand "staying home" all day.  That's not me. 

And I'm happy with my 'own company'.  I don't need to be around a lot of people all the time. Yes, I do enjoy doing things with friends and just visiting with friends.  But I don't need that daily. My husband is a very outgoing person; he likes going to a friend's house to watch ballgames on Sunday; so, I enjoy having Sunday afternoons to myself. I can do whatever I want: catch up on chores, or just sit down and read.  He also likes sitting outside whenever the weather allows--and chatting with all the different neighbors who pass by.  I prefer being 'inside', where it's 'cozy', lol. If a neighbor wants to stop by and visit me, they are welcome to come inside. 

Well, naturally, in 'good weather' (not too hot or too cold) I will also sit ouside and visit.  However, I get bored just sitting and "watching traffic" (as I often say to him). I 'usually' end up coming inside after a while--unless we've got company.  So, you might say I'm an introvert (I plead guilty)--or unsociable (not!). It's just that I can usually find something to do on my own, if no one is around.   So...am I unusual?  Who knows?  (or cares, lol)         


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02/25/2018 03:39:44

I'm an unashamed "homebody" too.  I feel comfortable in my own space.  When I have to go out, I can't wait to get back to my own place.  Good for you doing what you want to and not what some others may find unusual.

02/12/2018 22:25:40

I can relate to everything that you have written. I'm much the same as you. I'm happy with my own company and solitude. I do like being outdoors at home working in my garden and yard and like to sit in my Porch with my little furry friends and the bird,  having my lunch or watching the birds in the large gum tree at the back yard or the ones that fly to the fish pond to drink water and frolic around on the lawn. Although I live on the edge of town It's a rural town and peaceful for most of the time. I only venture out when I have to and am not into continually wanting to be visiting everyone. They are always welcome to visit with me and I occasionly visit them for a special event. I do voluntary work and am involved with our Parish and this is where I catch up with most people. 

02/11/2018 22:29:57

You are your own person... a unique individual but not considered "unusual". I'm much the same as you, never bored, have far to many things to do on my Favorite List, enjoy my own company when I can't be with friends.

When I took some graphic design classes, using Corel Draw, I was the oldest in the class with a lot of office workers who were more the age of our son. 'Goovy Granny' was my given tag. My husband tells me that I do enough talking for the both of us, and I do try to harness my tongue at times. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep them coming!!!!!

02/11/2018 14:46:05

hi Dianne the thing is, if you think old uou will be old it's our mind that determinse how old we feel, our bodies slow down with years, mine certanly has but my mind is still  as active as possible, look after yourself luvonly you can do that, i hope you have a lovely life as an oldie with the help of  newfriends i have re built mine, love and hugs, arthur

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