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Obsolete? --PS
Posted On: 03/12/2018 19:36:18

We get 'used' to our computers becoming obsolete. But I had no idea that just upgrading to a newer version of the same 'print shop' program would make so many of my 'projects' obsolete.  My previous program was Print Shop Deluxe, version 22; my current one is Print Shop 3.5 Deluxe. I know--that doesn't make much sense. However, it's just the way Broderbund 'labels' things.

Going through some DVDs I have here, I found a couple of dvds I made in 2007.  Actually, I was surprised they weren't made much earlier than that, because the disks are HP Lightscribe--and I even used Lightscribe to put 'pictures'/labels on them. At closer look, I did put '2006' on the disk, originally; I guess it was the next year that I added some things to it and used a 'marker' to add that date.    I was frustrated that I coudn't open many of the items on there: the ones with '.sig' an '.lbl' as signifying what they were.   I have made everything from address labels to 'poster' style photo montages in that print shop program.

However, I was lucky.  I realized that I still have Print Shop 22 on my old laptop, even though I had upgraded it to Windows 10.   It surprised me cause I had thought maybe it was Win 10 causing the problem.  Anyway, today I turned on the old laptop, and let it 'update' and then I put one of the disks into the drive. It worked! And it actually let me open those files with Print Shop 22.  So...I did a few screenshots of family photos, just to be sure I've "got" them.

However, I wasn't able to save the files in a different form. So, apparently, the only way I can view them is to use that laptop. On the other hand---I wonder if I could put Print Shop 22 back on my good laptop? If so, then maybe I could access the files on here.  But...I don't want to lose my 'best' print shop program--so do I want to try it or not?   That's the question. (And yes:  this has a pic of the computer I had when I first made this disk!)


PS--since it's mainly letters that are 'irreplaceable', from my Print Shop projects--I decided to do screenshots of them to save. That way, if I end up 'upgrading' again, I'll still have the letters I made using my current Print Shop version.  I can always make new labels & greeting cards.   Like most of us, I don't write many snail mail letters nowadays, so I'd rather have a way to 'save' them like I do email.


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