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My Current Pet PeevePS
Posted On: 07/04/2018 19:22:51

Do you ever get a 'song' stuck in your brain?  That's called an Earworm. 

I guess I've always had this problem; but what's really annoying is that now, it seems to be 'jingles' from tv commercials.  NOT ones I 'like', mind you. And what's even more annoying is that I don't know more than a piece of it.  Imagine trying to sing a song and you don't know more than a few words! 

Right now, it's Mambo Italiano; and I don't even remember what the commercial was! 

I've seen that commercial twice today: it's for Cici's Italian Restaurant.


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10/25/2018 08:38:14

I have found that if I change the words of the song stuck in my head to Worship lyrics it just goes away. i even have to force myself to remember the original sone.  When my kids were early teens there wa a pop song called anotherone bites the dust. I Got that thing stuck in my haed &  for days it almost drove me batty. So I changed the words to  " the devil bites the dust , give God the praise cause another one 's saved and the devil bites the dust." realy have to make myself think of that song now to tell the story even. 

07/15/2018 09:27:43

I never knew that it's called an Earworm. I have the same problem. Jingles are the worst to get stuck in your head!

07/05/2018 08:45:50

I know what you mean Altara, I hate that too. I think the Mambo Italiano song is for an Italian restaraunt maybe? What I hate is hearing the rock songs of my youth now used to sell cholesterol and arthritis medicine!   Example: the song Low Rider by War. I love that song but it's now used to tout the benefits of Crestor. What?!!!

07/04/2018 19:48:20

Oh gosh I hate that.  My daughter sang a little bit of a song today cutting up with her brother and now that song will NOT get out of my brain.  LOL at not knowing the words.  Don't feel rained on Altara, I  use to think the lyrics to "Bad Moon Rising" said, oh the bathroom's on the right. The real words are Oh, a bad moon's on the rise.   Gheeze Deb.......LOL.

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