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Reality Shows
Posted On: 03/05/2020 11:36:10

Well, in general, I really don't like "reality shows".  But, as with everything, there are exceptions.  One of my favorites is either on hiatus--or, it might be over; I really don't know.  Anyway, I was checking out YouTube this morning--and found some interesting videos about my favorite shows: Below Deck  and Below Deck: Mediterranean.   There is a third show on that channel: Below Deck Sailing--but I really can't get into it at all. 

I found a number of 'cast interviews' from the first two shows...and I spent over half an hour watching Kate (Chief Stew), Capt. Lee, and various other members of the cast, talking about the shows.  It was quite interesting!  

After that, I 'found' a couple of interviews with Jon Gosselin (from Jon & Kate Plus 8).  It confirmed pretty much what I already knew--from viewing the show years ago--that Kate is a bully & self-centered. I hadn't known how she had the one child 'committed' and put on lots of meds, without even having an actual diagnosis first. As of the time of this interview, he was happy, healthy, and a normal kid, which is really good to see--mainly because Jon stepped in, got him 'released', etc! 

Other exceptions to my 'no reality rule' are a couple of cooking shows.   I still watch Gordon Ramsey's 24 Hrs to Hell and Back.  I occasionally watch Kids Baking Championship.   But that's about it for now; in the past I watched all the 'holiday' baking shows and a few others, like Chopped Junior.   But that's about the extent of my 'reality show' viewing now.


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03/05/2020 22:46:39

I have to admit, I don't think I've heard of any of the shows that you have listed. Then again, you probably have figured out that I'm not much for TV. I'm the 'puter person in our household. The exception is... almost any reality show that involves music. My favorite is America's Got Talent, and any YouTube performance from many different countries who also have ***Got Talent shows. I manage to watch some episodes of The X Factor, American Idol, and The Voice.

Did I just hear someone "groaning" while reading my comment? In our home, music reality is a nice change from hockey reality!!!!!

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