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The Decision--a short story
Posted On: 03/23/2020 11:54:37

The woman walked into the private company club and glanced around. There were maybe a dozen members scattered throughout the large lounge area, most of them sipping cocktails, in groups of two or three.

She could feel several men giving her an appreciative look; even as she approached middle age, she knew she still garnered attention.


Seating herself at a small table for two to signal she wanted to be alone, she quickly ordered a drink. Sipping it slowly, she pondered the decision she had come to. It was definitely time for a change--a big one: an early retirement. She and her partner had made a good team, for a number of years, both professionally and personally. But that was over. It was time to move on.


A few moments later, she noticed her partner entering the room. As he came her table, he gave her a cool look, then sat down.


“I was informed of your decision,” he spoke up, adding, “The Board will handle everything, including the sale of the house.”


“You knew it was coming, Arthur. It’s time to move on, for both of us.”


“I wish I could disagree; but you’re right. It is time, Pamela. Do you have plans?”


“Yes. What about you?”


“I’m not ready to retire; I’ll find another partner--or the Board will.”


“Then I wish you luck.”


Nodding, the man stood up. After one last glance, he turned and walked away.


A slight smile appeared on the woman’s face. She had just decided that maybe Monte Carlo would be a good place to start her retirement. After finishing her drink, she stood up and took one last look around the room.


She would never again return here; and she would never again see any of her colleagues--hopefully. Well, at least not for a “professional” reason, she amended her thought. Leaving the Club one last time, she felt carefree. Yes...retirement was sounding better and better.


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03/25/2020 05:19:03

Love this story!

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