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What are you doing?
Posted On: 03/23/2020 12:08:48

What is everyone doing while 'staying at home'?  That is, of course, if you aren't one who still 'has' to go out to work.

Our daughter is one of the few people at her bank who 'must' be there.  The lobby is closed, so it's only 'drive up' but there is still a lot of paperwork and managerial work to be done.  And yes, she's considered  Managerial. So she's also working on Saturdays. 

Our son is also in a situation where he must be at work; luckily, it's only a 3 or 4 person environment.

My niece & her husband are now telecommuting (working from home via computer); my sister, instead of caring for the baby--who can now remain at home with his parents--is picking up the 2 year old for the day. They go for long walks around the neighborhood, always staying 'away' from others, she tells me.  

As for me, not much has actually changed, since I'm pretty much a homebody; my husband, however, is chafing at the bit! He's a very social person, so he misses getting out and about. So far, he and a couple of neighbors do sit outside and chat at times; and when the weather is right, they sit around the fire pit.  Any time we need to pick up a med, my husband is the one who does that--and he might pick up a few extra groceries at the same time. We try to limit trips out, since we are both over 70 & considered high risk.

I'm still watching a lot of tv reruns, trying to concentrate on reading at times, and playing half a dozen games on my iPad. 

And, one more thing:  I've had a dream that seemed like it would make a good short story. When I was half awake, I 'finished' the scene in my head. So today, I decided to write it down...and have just posted it as a short story.    I'm waiting to see if anyone 'guesses' what it's actually about! 


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03/25/2020 16:34:48

Well, after making up a short grocery list for husband, I decided it's cheaper & better tasting to make my own 'cut out' cookies...so they are in the oven now!  I'll 'color' the canned frosting...and add my fav flavors. 

03/25/2020 11:24:31

Good Morning/Afternoon My Friends...first of all,may you have a Blessed and safe day..........i'm out at times helping others in need and sending money to family and friends in need as well.........i work for a multi billion dollar company...a lot of my co-workers have lost their jobs the last couple weeks...we have been running the business with only 4 of us out of 150...Tuesday night i got a call that we had to shut down......i know times is hard for all of us,i pray that everyone in this world will make it through it...And we will make it through this......keep the faith,stay safe and take care

03/25/2020 05:24:57

Since I'm retired now I've been more at home anyway. I do miss going out for breakfast once in awhile. The same with the banks here. Last I heard my bank will take appointments. If there is a government stimulous check then I'll have to make an appointment.
Loved your short story but I didn't take a guess as to what it was all about. You've written it so well, us readers can use our imagination as to what it is really about.

03/24/2020 13:05:50

Reading, watching all kinds of movies I would normally never watch but just to past time, why not.  Spring cleaning early, and waiting on our sunsine that will be here tomorrow and out side to play in my flower garden.  It's a mess and needs help badly.  Did I say cleaning?  LOL. 

03/23/2020 18:20:53

Only going to grocery store once or twice a week. Visited Walmart this morning..shekves basically bare. Hubby is working from home, but will have to go in now to office, as he and 3 other managers take over technician working (traveling in the field for service calls). All technicians were laid off a week ago, so they have a Skelton crew. 'This being a utility company under contract with Duke Energy. Our son works at FedEx, and nothing has changed there. He remains working his normal full time schedule. I keep busy on the home front, not venturing out unless I need to. Our dog has a check up appointment in the am, so will tackle this. Rest of week will be quiet. I also keep check on our neighbor (she is 90)...lives alone. I will go bavk and re-read your story to see if I can figure it out -:)

03/23/2020 13:39:54

Our routine hasn't changed much... except we haven't had any recent drop-in visitors, and we have run out of ideas of why we needed to go to town. Often we thought we needed to go to Tim Horton's for coffee!!!

I'm thankful that our medical appointments have come to the end until upcoming May, my medications were refilled just before this whole "shut-down" was announced, and our pantry and deep freeze are full of good food. My husband spends his days in his shop... and I'm content in the house with my daily chores, and my computer.  Our son, an indepenant real estate agent, has little work, and his wife, who works for WestJet in her own home office.

And... here is a photo of the March hoarfrost that I took from my window.


We are blessed!

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