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Stay at home?
Posted On: 04/06/2020 10:15:22

There seems to be some confusion here. Actually, our entire country has been advised to 'stay at home'. A few Governors (states) aren't complying with that. The medical experts are now suggesting everyone wear a 'cloth mask' when they go out--which should be only to get groceries or medicines, etc., or if you 'must' work, in an essential job.   They say the next 2 weeks will probably be the 'worst'.

However, I'm in the middle of a 'medical problem', so I had to go get a CT scan last week. I may have to 'see' a doctor sometime this month. Otherwise...I'm staying put!  

My husband picked up some groceries during the time allotted for 'seniors': the first hour the grocery is open.  They had no paper products (haven't for a few weeks, actually), but he got everything we needed.  We have enough food (and paper products) to get us through the end of the month, I think. Being over 70 and with 'underlying' problems, we are being cautious--and staying away from people.  At most, my husband visits outside with a neighbor. 

Now, if everyone just "stays at home"...maybe we'll be able to stop this virus from spreading even more. My advice: Listen to Dr. Fauci!  He is the expert. 


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04/06/2020 16:36:44

It's best to stay at home except for those essential trips. I can't believe some of the states not taking this seriously enough. Such as the crowded beaches. They recommend you wear a mask but people must remember by doing so doesn't mean you forget the social distance of six feet. One reason for the paper products and a few other items being out is because some people are hoarding these items. It's not necessary. I say to those people I hope they realize they are hurting others by their actions.

04/06/2020 13:39:43

Underlying issues is the key to this virus and the alarming numbers we are seeing in cases and deaths. Many have, and will recover. Many have died, yes, but their weakened immune system played a big part in this. Toxicity comes in many forms. Understandably, most media are spewing numbers we don't know if they are truly accurate, ABC being the worst..fear and panic. What makes this one so horrible is the mass destruction to our economy. Praying we return to some normalcy soon, but given the ongoing headlines, that might happen in the Fall..which is one headline I saw earlier today. I do believe the media is overplaying with flashing headlines...all about ratings..but at what cost? Build up your immune system is the most important element...greatly needed before wipes and masks have a chance to work.

04/06/2020 10:44:49

I am complying !

Buy, do you really think people will?

Many are in denial it's real?

Or maybe out mentally ill ppl (my opinion)

will not comply.

When is the last time the World was United?

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