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Unused cable--I figured it out!
Posted On: 09/06/2020 11:03:24

Today, while my husband was gone with a friend, I decided it was a good time to 'move things' around on my desk. That meant turning off the computer and unplugging some things. 

Well, I moved one end of the desk farther away from the wall, to get to things--and found a 'cable' that was unplugged! It's one of the blue ethernet cables. The one end was plugged into my ATT U-verse box. And I couldn't remember 'where' the other end should go. 

 But...the computer was working just fine without it being plugged in anyway. So...what to do??  I decided it must be the connection between the computer and the incoming Ethernet. I ended up plugging it into the laptop (my 'computer' now).  I doubt I need that...I'll bet this has been using the wireless connection. But just seeing it hanging there annoyed me.  I'm not sure if I'll leave it there...or unplug it. 

 Hmmm...I just remembered that my last laptop had the Wireless go out, which was why I had to keep that cable plugged in.  I guess if I decided to 'use' that for anything...I can plug that blue cable into it here on the desk. But to be honest, I haven't used that at all since I got this new one; I just kept it because I didn't want to pitch it!  And it's always nice to have 'options'. Right? 


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09/07/2020 14:56:44

Good sound logic.  I have a coffee can that has left over eletronical parts like cables and connections.  That way if someone needs one, I have some to try.  It sounds like that one went to a router of some sort.  I have been able to recycle several of my 'left over' parts.

09/07/2020 04:41:36

It's always good to keep those cable things. I have a box full of all kinds of electronic cables and such. Even RCA cables.

09/06/2020 12:40:16

Sounds like our household... never pitch anything out because we MAY need it sometime. Soon we'll have to put an 'addition' to our storage to make  more room for the stuff we MAY need. No wonder our kids say that they are already having 'nightmares' about having to deal with our 'stuff' when we're gone!!!!

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