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The Kitten Saga
Posted On: 09/16/2020 13:46:45



  Many evenings, my husband rides with his friend Steve, out to Steve’s “farm”--actually just a house in the country. Steve is totally remodeling the house before he and his wife are ready to move in; for now, they are our neighbors. Steve goes out daily to ‘feed the animals’. When Steve bought the place, it came with one dog and several cats. And, as could be expected, the ‘cats’ ended up with litters of kittens.

  My husband always ‘talks’ about the kittens, asking if I would like to have one. Well, as much as I miss having cats, I know that between our health problems and finances, we really can’t have pets at this stage in our lives. However, I have the idea that he thinks if he brings one home, I will be tempted to keep it.

  Yesterday, one of my home health care nurses mentioned that a relative of hers had recently lost a cat and that the family was devastated at the loss. She thought they might be interested in getting another cat soon. I’m not sure how we actually got onto that subject, but my husband showed her the pictures he had taken, on his cell phone, of the three newest kittens. Now, I must admit they are cute: one is a calico, one is a tortoiseshell, and the other one is grey and white.

  Well, on last night’s trip to the farm, my husband decided to bring home one kitten--the calico--supposedly hoping to hear from that nurse within a day or two. He thought we could keep it for a couple of days, in this huge box we have which is about 3 feet tall-and just as wide--since we no longer have a pet carrier, etc. Well....it didn’t take long to figure out that unless HE was holding her, the kitten was meowing constantly--and often loudly. Apparently, she didn’t take to me!

  My suggestion was to return her to the farm this morning; he can always make a trip out there if/when we find anyone who definitely wants to adopt one of the kittens--and that way, whoever does want to adopt one, can decide ‘which’ one they want. In the meantime, he made a quick trip across the street to Casey’s to get a can of cat food for her. The poor thing was hungry...and probably lonesome for the rest of her cat family.

  So, this morning I got dressed and we drove out to the farm. I was holding the kitten wrapped in a towel, not only to prevent being scratched as she tried to crawl up to my shoulder, but also in case she--like on the previous trip--decided to ‘pee’!

  We did spend a few minutes watching all three kittens playing. I held each of them at one point. But it was mainly fun just to watch them scampering around! And no...I really wasn’t tempted to ‘keep’ one of them--though if I had been, I would have chosen the tortoiseshell.

  The good news is : I think my husband finally realizes we aren’t prepared to get a kitten!



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09/19/2020 10:25:26

Thanks for all comments/suggestions. However, I have no control over what the property owner does, though I did suggest contacting Animal Control (which handles 'county' problems--and does adopt out animals they take in).  He may just leave the animals there and continue feeding them. 

09/17/2020 14:47:03

Should be cat rescue groups in your area..we have several here. Hoping they all find a home...

09/17/2020 05:23:45

Another couple of mony=ths and your husband may be asking you again. Just kidding. I hope the kittens can find a home and maybe by the time I type this, the relative of the health care nurse has taken one of them in.

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